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Robert Schwarz Strauss

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Robert Schwarz Strauss
United States Ambassador to Russia
In office
December 26, 1991 – November 19, 1992
PresesGeorge H. W. Bush
Precedit biHimself as Ambassador to the Soviet Union
Succeedit biThomas Pickering
United States Ambassador to the Soviet Union
In office
August 2, 1991 – December 26, 1991
PresesGeorge H. W. Bush
Precedit biJack Matlock
Succeedit biHimself as Ambassador to Russia
Special Envoy for the Middle East
In office
May 4, 1979 – November 25, 1979
PresesJimmy Carter
Precedit biPosition established
Succeedit biSol Linowitz
United States Trade Representative
In office
March 29, 1977 – August 17, 1979
PresesJimmy Carter
Precedit biFrederick Dent
Succeedit biReubin Askew
Chairperson of the Democratic National Committee
In office
December 9, 1972 – January 21, 1977
Precedit biJean Westwood
Succeedit biKenneth Curtis
Personal details
Born19 October 1918(1918-10-19)
Lockhart, Texas, U.S.
Dee'd19 Mairch 2014(2014-03-19) (aged 95)
Washington, D.C., U.S.
Poleetical pairtyDemocratic Party
Alma materUniversity of Texas, Austin

Robert Schwarz Strauss (19 October 191819 Mairch 2014) wis an American politeecian an diplomat. He servit as the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee atween 1972 an 1977 an servit unner Preses Jimmy Carter as the U.S. Trade Representative an special envoy tae the Middle East.

Strauss deit frae natural causes in Washington, D.C., aged 95.[2]

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