River Amazon

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Carhuasanta, Apurímac, Ene, Tambo, Ucayali, Amazonas, Solimões
Mooth o the Amazon River
Kintras Brazil, Colombie, Peru
Region Sooth Americae
 - left Marañón, Japurá/Caquetá, Rio Negro/Guainía, Putumayo
 - right Ucayali, Purús, Madeira, Xingu, Tocantins
Ceety Iquitos (Peru); Leticia (Colombia); Manaus (Brazil)
Santarém and Belém do Pará (Brazil)
Macapa (Brazil)
Soorce Andes Mountains
 - location Nevado Mismi, Arequipa, Peru
 - elevation 5,170 m (16,962 ft)
 - coordinates 15°31′5″S 71°45′55″W / 15.51806°S 71.76528°W / -15.51806; -71.76528
Mooth Atlantic Ocean
 - elevation 0 m (0 ft)
 - coordinates 0°10′0″S 49°0′0″W / 0.16667°S 49.00000°W / -0.16667; -49.00000Coordinates: 0°10′0″S 49°0′0″W / 0.16667°S 49.00000°W / -0.16667; -49.00000 [1]
Lenth 6,400 km (4,000 mi) approx.
Basin 7,050,000 km2 (2,720,000 sq mi) approx.
 - average 209,000 m3/s (7,381,000 cu ft/s) approx.
Map shawin the Amazon drainage basin wi the Amazon River heichlichtit
Amazonas floatin veelage, Iquitos

The River Amazon (Spanish an Portuguese: Amazonas) in Sooth Americae is the seicont longest river in the warld an bi far the lairgest bi watterflow wi an average discharge greater than the next seven lairgest rivers combined (nae includin Madeira an Rio Negro, which are tributaries o the Amazon). The Amazon, which haes the lairgest drainage basin in the warld, aboot 7,050,000 square kilometre (2,720,000 sq mi), accoonts for approximately ane-fift o the warld's tot river flow.[2][3]

In its upper stretches, abuin the confluence o the Rio Negro, the Amazon is cried Solimões in Brazil; however, in Peru, Colombie an Ecuador, as well as the rest o the Spanish-speakin warld, the river is generally cried the Amazon dounstream frae the confluence o the Marañón an Ucayali rivers in Peru. The Ucayali-Apurímac river seestem is considered the main soorce o the Amazon, wi as its main heidstream the Carhuasanta glacial stream flowin aff the Nevado Mismi muntain.

The width o the Amazon is atween 1.6 an 10 kilometre (1.0 an 6.2 mi) at laich stage but expands durin the wet saison tae 48 kilometre (30 mi) or mair. The river enters the Atlantic Ocean in a broad estuary aboot 240 kilometre (150 mi) wide. The mooth o the main stem is 80 kilometre (50 mi).[4] Acause o its vast dimensions, it is sometimes cried The River Sea. The first bridge in the Amazon river seestem (ower the Rio Negro) opened on 10 October 2010 near Manaus, Brazil.

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