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Renault Juvaquatre

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Renault Juvaquatre 1939

The Renault Juvaquatre is a sma family caur / compact caur automobile produced bi the French manufacturer Renault atween 1937 an 1953. It wis available in baith sedan an station wagon body styles; later models o the station wagon (frae 1956 on) wur kent as the Renault Dauphinoise.

The Juvaquatre wis oreeginally conceived in 1936 bi Louis Renault as a sma, affordable caur designed tae fit in the Renault range belaw the existin mair upmarket models sic as the Primaquatre or Celtaquatre. The company wis focused on creatin new customers who wad no itherwise buy Renaults, an on appealin tae the new cless o lawer-income consumer creatit bi changin labor conditions an the rise o the Popular Front in Fraunce in the 1930s (which ironically haed adversely affectit Renault considerably). The Juvaquatre wis hivily inspired bi the German Opel Olympia, a caur which Louis Renault haed been impressed bi durin a 1935 veesit tae Berlin (consequently the Juvaquatre, parteecularly early models, bore a strang resemblance tae the Olympia). The Juvaquatre wis showcased at the 1937 Paris Motor Show an put on sale the follaein year. A van version wis developt suin efterwards for commercial usage an wis uised extensively bi La Poste, while public demand for fower-door caurs (an the introduction o affordable 4-door models frae French rivals Peugeot an Simca) resultit in a 4-door Juvaquatre in 1939. A station wagon model based on the van wis an aa launched.

The rate o Juvaquatre production decreased considerably wi the onset o Warld War II, but remained hie compared tae ither European marques who haed switched ower amaist entirely tae production o military equipment. Efter Fraunce wis taken ower bi Nazi Germany, Juvaquatre production slowed tae a trickle, wi ae a few hunder caurs biggit 1941. This is the end o offeecial production (till efter the war) but a vera sma series wis still turned oot till 1942, an in 1943, 1944, an 1945, the occasional caur wis assembled for the occupation forces or French govrenment.

Juvaquatre production restartit in 1946, wi Renault nou awned an controlled bi the French govrenment, assembly o the saloon finally endin in 1955. Housomeivver the station wagon remained in production as the Renault Dauphinoise till 1960, equipt wi the ingine frae the Renault Dauphine.


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