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The Renault 7 (or "R7") is a 4-door saloon version o the Renault 5 supermini, produced an sauld in Spain bi Renault's subsidiary, FASA-Renault frae 1974 tae 1984.[1]

It wis vera seemilar tae the R5, an identical mechanically, but affered wi a smawer range o ingines. The R7 haed fower doors an a saloon-style buit in place o the oreeginal caur's three (an later five) doors includin hatchback. This involved extendin the wheelbase bi juist unner 6 cm (2¼ inches)[2] tho it retained the wheel base difference atween left an richt sides, characteristic o several Renault models, resultin frae the uise o full width torsion bars placed ane ahint the ither, aheid o the rear wheels.

Anither difference atween the Renault 7 an the 5 wis the uise, on the 7, o 'conventional' chromed metal bumpers instead o aff-body colour plastic anes, givin the caur a mair refined appearance. Initially pouered bi a 1037 cc ingine, it wis maistly sauld in Spain. Aboot 140,000 units wur produced: its success ootside its hame mercat wis leemitit acause Renault affered the lairger Renault 12 for a sma price premium.

The R7 wis introduced twa years efter the launch o the R5, then restyled in 1979, follaed bi an ingine upgrade tae 1108 cc in 1980. Its production ended in 1982, when the brand new R9 entered the warldwide mercat. Wha's mair, a five-door version o the R5 wis launcht in 1980 uisin the door pattern o the Spainyie R7. The R5 haed been substantially restyled an R7 sales did no juistify the investment necessar tae renew the toolin for the R7.

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