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Renault S.A
Société anonyme
Tradit as EuronextRNO
CAC 40 Component
Industry Automotive
Foondit 25 Februar 1899; 118 years ago (1899-02-25)
Foonder Louis Renault, Marcel Renault, Fernand Renault
Heidquarters Boulogne-Billancourt, France
Aurie served
Warldwide (118 kintras)
Key fowk
Carlos Ghosn (Chairman an CEO)[1]
Louis Schweitzer (Chairman and CEO 1992-2005)[2] · [3]
Products Automobiles, commercial vehicles, luxury caurs, financin
Production output (2016)
Increase 3,18 million units
Revenue Increase 51.24 billion[4] (2016)
Increase €3.28 billion[4] (2016)
Profit Increase €3.54 billion[4] (2016)
Tot assets Increase €102.10 billion[4] (end 2016)
Tot equity Increase €30.89 billion[4] (end 2016)
Ainer State of France (19.73%)[5]
Non-voting stock: Nissan Finance (15%)[6]
Nummer o employees
127,086 (Dizember 2012)
Diveesions [7]

Renault S.A. (EuronextRNO) is a French automaker producing caurs, vans, buses, tractors, an trucks, an, in the past, autorail vehicles. Due tae its alliance with Nissan, it is currently the warld's fowert lairgest automaker. Headquartered in Boulogne-Billancourt, Renault awns the Romanien automaker Automobile Dacia an the Korean automaker Renault Samsung Motors. The Lebanese-Brazilian Carlos Ghosn is the current CEO. The company's maist successful caurs tae date is the Renault Clio an the Renault Laguna, an its core market is Europe. The company is kent for numerous revolutionary designs, security technologies, an motor racin.

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