Renault 9 & 11

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R9 Phase 1

Renault 9 phase 1 saloon

R11 Phase 1

Renault 11 phase 1 hatchback

The Renault 9 an Renault 11 ar twa small family caurs produced b the French manufacturer Renault for model years 1981-1988 in sedan (Renault 9) an hatchback (Renault 11) configurations — baith styled bi prominent French automobile designer, Robert Opron.

Variants wur manufactured bi American Motors, as the Renault Alliance for the North American market for model years 1983-1987 — as well as for the Colombien market frae 1983 tae 1999.

The models wur the first Renault's tae uise a transverse front-wheel drive ingine configuration an featured fower-wheel independent suspension. They wur chosen the European Caur o the Year for 1982 as well as the Motor Trend Caur o the Year.