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Renault 9 an 11

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Renault 9 / 11
Renault 11 (phase 2)
Production1981–1989 (Fraunce)
1983–1987 (Unitit States)
1983–1996 (Taiwan)
1984–1997 (Argentinae)
1983–1999 (Colombie)
1985–2000 (Turkey)
AssemblyDouai, Fraunce
Valladolid, Spain
Taichung, Taiwan
Kenosha, Unitit States (AMC)
Envigado, Colombie
Santa Isabel, Argentinae (Renault Argentina)
Los Andes, Chile
Bursa, Turkey (Oyak-Renault)
Vallejo, Mexico
DesignerRobert Opron
Bouk an chassis
ClessSmaw faimily caur (C)
Body style3-door hatchback
5-door hatchback
2-door saloon (Unitit States anerly)
4-door saloon
2-door convertible (United States only)
LayootFront-ingine, front-wheel drive
PredecessorRenault 14 / Renault 12
SuccessorRenault 19

The Renault 9 an Renault 11 are twa smaw faimily caurs producit bi the French manufacturer Renault for model years 1981-1988 in sedan (Renault 9) an hatchback (Renault 11) configurations — baith styled bi prominent French automobile designer, Robert Opron.

Variants wur manufacturt bi American Motors, as the Renault Alliance for the North American mercat for model years 1983-1987 — as well as for the Colombie mercat frae 1983 tae 1999.

The models wur the first Renault's tae uise a transverse front-wheel drive ingine configuration an featurt fower-wheel independent suspension. Thay wur chosen the European Caur o the Year for 1982 as well as the Motor Trend Caur o the Year.