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Renault 19
Renault 19 at Schaffen-Diest (2017).jpg
Manufacturer Renault
Also cried Renault Energy (Colombie, Venezuela)
Production 1988–1996
1993-2000 (Argentinae, Turkey)
Assembly Douai, Fraunce
Maubeuge, Fraunce
Vilvoorde, Belgium
Valladolid, Spain
Palencia, Spain
Setúbal, Portugal
Bursa, Turkey
Envigado, Colombie
Mariara, Venezuela
Santa Isabel, Argentinae
Taichung, Taiwan
Designer Giorgetto Giugiaro
Body and chassis
Cless Smaw faimily caur (C)
Body style 3/5-door hatchback
4-door saloon ("Chamade")
2-door convertible
Layoot FF layoot
Relatit Renault Mégane I
Ingine 1.2 L C2G I4
1.2 L E7F I4
1.4 L C2J I4
1.4 L E6J I4
1.6 L C2L/C3L
1.7 L F2N/F3N I4
1.8 L F2P/F3P I4
1.8 L F7P DOHC 16-valve I4
1.9 L F8Q diesel/TD I4
Wheelbase 2,540 mm (100.0 in)
Lenth Hatchback: 4,156 mm (163.6 in)
Chamade: 4,248 mm (167.2 in)
Weenth 1,694 mm (66.7 in)
Hicht 1,412 mm (55.6 in)
Crib wecht 886 kg (1,953 lb)–1,175 kg (2,590 lb)
Predecessor Renault 9 an 11
Successor Renault Mégane

The Renault 19 is a smaw faimily caur that wis producit bi the French caur manufacturer Renault atween 1988 an 2000.

Overview[eedit | eedit soorce]

The R19 wis the replacement for the 9 an 11, baith o which wur agein an ootdated bi the late 1980s. The R19 wis styled bi Giorgetto Giugiaro, featurin Renault's new E-type (or "Energy") 1.4 L engine an F-type 1.7 an 1.8 L versions. Base models uised the OHV C-type Cléon 1.2 an 1.4 L ingines, dependin on the mercat.

Intendit tae be Renault's last numeric-named caur, the 19 ushered in a new namin policy, wi the saloon versions o the 19 bein kent as the 19 Chamade tae distinguish them frae the hatchbacks. The Chamade badge wis dropped follaein the 1992 facelift. In 1991 a convertible bodystyle biggit bi Karmann wis introduced. Awtho the R19's exterior design (which wis relatively conservative, lik that o the Renault 9/11) received a muted response, it wis praised for its interior comfort an handlin.

In the simmer o 1992, a revamped model wis introducit wi a substantially restyled front an rear, whilk left haund drive mercat versions receivit a new dashbuird an interior — richt haund drive models retained the oreeginal design.

The R19 wis sauld in Europe till 1996, an wis producit for Sooth American mercats in Argentinae till 2000. The R19's platform an runnin gear wad continue tae be uised in its replacement, the first generation Renault Mégane.

The Renault 19 wis awairdit the 1989 Caur o the Year in Spain an Germany, 1990 Caur o the Year in Ireland, an 1993 Caur o the Year in Argentinae.