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Provinces o Sooth Africae

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Sooth Africae is currently dividit intae nine provinces. On the eve o the 1994 general election, Sooth Africae's umwhile hamelands, forby kent as Bantustans, wur reintegratit an the fower existin provinces wur dividit intae nine. The twalft, thirteent an sixteenth amendments tae the constitution chynged the borders o seiven o the provinces. The provinces are as follaes:

Province Caipital Lairgest ceety Aurie (km²)[1] Population (2010 est.)[2] Pop. density (per km²) HDI (2003)[3]
Eastren Cape Bhisho Port Elizabeth 168,966 6,743,800 39.9 0.62
Free State Bloemfontein Bloemfontein 129,825 2,824,500 21.8 0.67
Gauteng Johannesburg Johannesburg 18,178 11,191,700 615.7 0.74
KwaZulu-Natal Pietermaritzburg² Durban 94,361 10,645,400 112.8 0.63
Limpopo Polokwane Polokwane 125,754 5,439,600 43.3 0.59
Mpumalanga Nelspruit Nelspruit 76,495 3,617,600 47.3 0.65
North Wast Mafikeng Rustenburg 104,882 3,200,900 30.5 0.61
Northren Cape Kimberley Kimberley 372,889 1,103,900 3.0 0.69
Wastren Cape¹ Cape Toun Cape Toun 129,462 5,223,900 40.4 0.77

¹: The Prince Edward Islands, Sooth African territories in the sub-Antarctic Indie Ocean that are pairt o the Wastren Cape for legal purposes, are no includit in these statistics.

²: Pietermaritzburg an Ulundi wur joint caipitals o KwaZulu-Natal frae 1994 tae 2004.

Map of South Africa showing the names of the provinces


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Syne the establishin o the Union o Sooth Africae in 1910, Sooth Africae haed fower provinces consistin o the diveesions which existit prior tae the Seicont Boer War: twa Breetish colonies (the Cape Colony an Natal Colony) an twa Boer republics (the Orange Free State an Transvaal Republic). Segregation o the black population stairtit as early as 1913, wi awnership o land bi the black majority being restrictit tae certain auries totalin aboot 13% o the kintra. Frae the late 1950s, these auries wur gradually consolidatit intae "hamelands" or "bantustans," which served as the de jure naitional states o the black population durin the apartheid era. In 1976, the hameland o Transkei wis the first tae accept independence frae Sooth Africae, an although this unthirldom wis niver acknowledged bi ony ither kintra, three ither hamelands follaed suit.

Provinces frae 1910 tae 1994

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Independent Hamelands

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These Independent Hamelands wur kent as the TBVC States.

Non-Independent Hamelands

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Siclike pages

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