Wastren Cape

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Wastren Cape

Wes-Kaap (in Afrikaans)
Western Cape (in Inglis)
Ntshona-Koloni (in Xhosa)
Spes Bona (Guid Howp)
Map showin the location o the Wastren Cape in the sooth-wastren pairt o Sooth Africae
Location o the Wastren Cape in Sooth Africae
Kintra Sooth Africae
Established27 Aprile 1994
CaipitalCape Toun
 • TeepPairlamentary seestem
 • PremierHelen Zille (DA)
 • Total129462 km2 (49,986 sq mi)
Area rank4t in Sooth Africae
Highest elevation
2325 m (7,628 ft)
Lowest elevation
0 m (0 ft)
 • Total5,278,585
 • Estimate 
 • Rank4t in Sooth Africae
 • Density41/km2 (110/sq mi)
 • Density rank5t in Sooth Africae
Population groups
 • Coloured50.2%
 • Black African30.1%
 • White18.4%
 • Indie or Asie1.3%
 • Afrikaans55.3%
 • Xhosa23.7%
 • Inglis19.3%
Time zoneUTC+2 (SAST)
ISO 3166 codeZA-WC
GDP (nominal)[6]2009
 - TotalR 264.98 billion
US$ 33.88 billion
 - Per caipitaR 50,726
US$ 6,488
 - GrowthDecrease -1.45%

The Wastren Cape is a province in the sooth wast o Sooth Africae. The caipital is Cape Toun. Prior tae 1994, the region that nou forms the Wastren Cape wis pairt o the hintle lairger (an nou defunct) Cape Province. Prior tae the formation o the Union o Sooth Africae in 1910, it wis cried the Cape Colony (see the History o Cape Colony).

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