Regions o Senegal

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Senegal is subdividit intae 14 regions (régions, singular– région), each o which is admeenistered bi a Conseil Régional (pl.: Conseils Régionaux) electit bi population wicht at the Arrondissement level. Senegal is further subdividit bi 45 départements, 103 arrondissements (neither o which hae admeenistrative function) an bi collectivités locales (the 14 régions, 110 communes, an 320 communautés rurales) which elect admeenistrative officers.[1] Three o these regions wur creatit on 10 September 2008, when Kaffrine Region wis split frae Kaolack, Kédougou region wis split frae Tambacounda, an Sédhiou region wis split frae Kolda.

Regions o Senegal
Regions o Senegal

Tae date, aw regions take their name frae their regional caipitals.

The Conseil Régional biggin in Ziguinchor. Regions, unlike Depairtments or Arrondissements (but like Communes), hae defined admeenistrative an poleetical pouer in Senegal.

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