Kaolack Region

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Kaolack Region

Région de Kaolack
Location o Kaolack in Senegal
Location o Kaolack in Senegal
Kaolack région, dividit intae 4 départements
Kaolack région, dividit intae 4 départements
Coordinates: 14°09′N 14°30′W / 14.150°N 14.500°W / 14.150; -14.500
 • Total16010 km2 (6,180 sq mi)
 • Total1,066,375
 • Density67/km2 (170/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+0 (GMT)

The Kaolack region is a region in Senegal. It borders the Gambie an is a common stoppin point for travel atween Dakar an Banjul. Its borders correspond roughly tae the Saalum Kinrick o precolonial days, an the area is still spoken o as the Saalum in Wolof, an its indwallers are cried Saalum-Saalum.

Kaolack ceety is the admeenistrative centre for the region. It is a port on the Saloum River. Lyin in a ferm aurie, Kaolack is a major peanut mercatin an exportin center an haes a lairge peanut ile factory. Brewin, leather tannin, cotton ginnin, an fish processin are an aw important industries. Salt is producit frae salines near the Saloum River. The ceety is on the railwey frae Dakar tae the Niger River in Mali. Kaolack is the internaitional centre o the Ibrahimiyyah branch o the Tijaniyyah Sufi order, whose mosque is on the ceety's ootskirts.

Depairtments[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Kaolack Region is subdividit intae fower depairtments: