Diveesions o the Gambie

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The Gambie is dividen intae five diveesions (caipitals in parentheses) an ae ceety:

  1. Lawer River (Mansa Konko)
  2. Central River (Janjanbureh)
  3. North Bank (Kerewan)
  4. Upper River (Basse Santa Su)
  5. Wast Coast (Brikama)

The naitional caipital, Banjul, is classifee'd as a ceety.

The diveesions are subdividen intae 37 destricts.

BanjulBanjulWast Coast Diveesion (The Gambie)North Bank DiveesionLawer River DiveesionCentral River DiveesionUpper River DiveesionA clickable map of The Gambia exhibiting its five divisions and capital.
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