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Orcadian is a byleid o Insular Scots, itsel a byleid o Scots. Orcadian is spake in Orkney, north o mainland Scotland.[1]

Auld Norse wis introduced tae the Orkneys wi the Vikings at the same speel they teuk thair leid tae Shetland, the Faroe Islands an Iceland; afore lang, thay becam leids o their ain (Shetlandic, Faroese, Icelandic an the umwhile Norn). Orcadian wis first introduced in 1468 whan the Orkneys became airts o Scotland as a merger o Norn an Scots, the leid o officialdom an commerce.

Whan Norn deed oot as a leid in its ain richt, Orcadian becam the main leid o the iland. Nouadays, thare muckle buiks screiven in the Orcadian byleid, for ensample a owersettin o The Gruffalo.[1]

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