Bungee leid

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Bungee, Bungay, the Reid River Dialect
Native taeCanadae
RegionReid River Colony an
Assiniboia, present-day Manitoba
Native speakers
< 500 likely extinct
Leid codes
ISO 639-3Nane (mis)

The Bungee leid wis a leid spak in wastren Canadae by Metis fowk that wis the bairns o Scots fur trokers an native Cree fowk. It wis a mixtur o the native Cree leid an the Scots Gaelic leid an wis influenced by the Orcadian dialect o the Scots leid an aw, the Inglis leid an ither native leids asides Cree. The leid wis spak in the province o Manitoba till the 1950s. Anither leid cried Michif wis spak by the Metis fowk at aboot the same time in history. It wis a mixtur o the Cree an French leids.