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North Frisian is a minority leid o Germany, spoken bi aboot 10,000 fowk in North Frisie. There are twa main dialectal divisions: those o the mainland an the insular dialects. There is nae staundart variety, although some hae suggestit the mainland Moorin dialect. The leid is pairt o the lairger group o the Wast Germanic Frisian leids.

North Frisian is an endangered leid, as in maist places children nae langer learn it. Exceptions are a few villages on the islands o Föhr an Amrum an the Risum-Lindholm aurie. Aw speakers o North Frisian are at least bilingual (North Frisian an Staundart German). Mony are trilingual (North Frisian, Staundart German an Law German) an, especially alang the Dens border, quadrilingualism uised tae be widespread (North Frisian, Staundart German, Law German an Sooth Jutlandic).

On 24 December 2004 a state law became effective in Schleswig-Holstein that recognises the North Frisian leid for offeecial uise in the Nordfriesland district an on Heligoland.