National Football League

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National Fitbaw League
Current saison, competeetion or edeetion:
Current sports event 2019 NFL saison
UmwhileAmerican Professional Fitbaw Conference (1920)
American Professional Fitbaw Association (1920–1921)
SportAmerican fitbaa
FoonditAugust 20, 1920; 103 years ago (1920-08-20)[1]
Inaugural saison1920
CommissionerRoger Goodell
No. o teams32
KintraUnitit States[A]
HeidquartersNew York, New York, Unitit States
Maist recent
Kansas City Chiefs
(4t teetle)[2]
Maist teetlesGreen Bay Packers
(13 teetles)[2]
TV pairtner(s)CBS
NFL Network

The National Fitbaw League (NFL) is a professional American fitbaw league conseestin o 32 teams, dividit equally atween the National Football Conference (NFC) an the American Football Conference (AFC).

Clubs[eedit | eedit soorce]

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Aw teams are based in the Unitit States, but several preseason an regular saison gemmes hae been held internaitionally.
  2. a b The New York Jets and New York Giants share MetLife Stadium.[6]
  3. a b The Baltimore Ravens were originally the Cleveland Browns, and moved to Baltimore in 1996. Due to an agreement with the city of Cleveland that alloued the club tae flit, the Browns name, colors, and team history/records wis left for a new Cleveland Browns team while the umwhile Browns' team, personnel, and staff wis alloued tae flit tae Baltimore.[7] Siclike, the Ravens is conseidert tar hae begun playin in 1996 while the current Cleveland Browns is conseidert tae hae been foondit in 1950, became inactive frae 1996 til 1998,[5] and resumed play as new team in 1999.[8]
  4. The Jaguars began playin ane hame gemme ilka saison at Wembley Stadium in Lunnon, Ingland in 2013, an will conteena tae dae the like throu 2020.[9][10][11]
  5. a b The Los Angeles Rams will play at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum frae 2016 tae 2018 an the Los Angeles Chargers will play at StubHub Center frae 2017 tae 2018 till the Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park in Inglewood, Californie, haes finished construction for the 2019 NFL saison.[12][13][14]
  6. The Atlanta Falcons will play at Mercedes-Benz Stadium beginning in the 2017 NFL season.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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