New England Patriots

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New England Patriots
Current saison
Established November 16, 1959; 58 years ago (November 16, 1959)
First saison: 1960
Play in an heidquartert in Gillette Stadium
Foxborough, Massachusetts
New England Patriots logo
New England Patriots wirdmerk
Logo Wirdmerk
League/conference affiliations

American Football League (1960–1969)

  • Eastern Division (1960–1969)

National Football League (1970–present)

Current uniform
Patriots 12uniforms.png
Team colours

Navy Blue, Reid, Siller, White[1][2]

Mascot Pat Patriot
Ainer(s) Robert Kraft
Chairman Robert Kraft
CEO Robert Kraft
Preses Jonathan Kraft
General manager Bill Belichick (de facto)
Heid coach Bill Belichick
Team history
  • Boston Patriots (1960–1970)[3]
  • Bay State Patriots (1971)[4]
  • New England Patriots (1971–present)
Team nicknames
  • The Pats

League championships (5)

Conference championships (9)

Diveesion championships (19)

Playoff appearances (24)
Home fields

The New England Patriots are a professional American fitbaa team based in the Greater Boston region. The Patriots compete in the National Football League (NFL) as a member club o the league's American Football Conference (AFC) East diveesion.

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