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Mohamed Morsi

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Mohamed Morsi
محمد مرسى
5t Preses o Egyp
In office
30 Juin 2012 – 3 Julie 2013
Prime MeenisterKamal Ganzouri
Hesham Qandil
Vice PresesMahmoud Mekki
(16 August 2012 – 22 December 2012)[1]
Precedit biMohamed Hussein Tantawi
Hosni Mubarak[2][3]
Succeedit biAdly Mansour (Actin)
Secretar General o the Non-Aligned Movement
In office
30 Juin 2012 – 2 August 2012
Precedit biMohamed Hussein Tantawi (Actin)
Succeedit biMahmoud Ahmadinejad
Chairman o the Freedom an Justice Pairty
In office
30 Aprile 2011 – 24 Juin 2012
Precedit biPoseetion established
Succeedit biSaad El-Katatni
Member o the Fowk's Assembly o Egyp
In office
1 December 2000 – 12 December 2005
Precedit biNuman Gumaa
Succeedit biMahmoud Abaza
Personal details
Born8 August 1951(1951-08-08)
Sharqia, Egyp
Dee'd17 Juin 2019 (aged 67)
Cairo, Egyp
Poleetical pairtyFreedom an Justice Pairty[4]
Ither poleetical
Muslim Britherhuid
Spoose(s)Naglaa Mahmoud (1979–present)
Alma materCairo Varsity
Varsity o Soothren Californie
ProfessionAcademic (Ingineerin)
ReligionSunni Islam
  • Affice vacant frae 11 Februar 2011 tae 30 Juin 2012.[5][6]

Mohamed Morsi[note 1] (Arabic: محمد محمد مرسى عيسى العياط‎, ALA-LC: Muḥammad Muḥammad Mursī ‘Īsá al-‘Ayyāṭ  IPA: [mæˈħæmmæd mæˈħæmmæd ˈmoɾsi ˈʕiːsæ (ʔe)l.ʕɑjˈjɑːtˤ]; 8 August 1951 - 17 Juin 2019) wis a Egyptian politeecian who servit as the fift Preses o Egyp, frae 30 Juin 2012 tae 3 Julie 2013.[7]

Mohamed Morsi wis educatit in Egyptian public schuils an varsities; he wis later grantit a scholarship frae the Egyptian Govrenment tae prepare for a PhD degree in the Unitit States, Morsi wis a Member o Parliament in the Fowk's Assembly o Egyp frae 2000 tae 2005, an a leadin member in the Muslim Britherhuid. He acame Chairman o the Freedom an Justice Pairty (FJP) when it wis foondit bi the Muslim Britherhuid in the wake o the 2011 Egyptian revolution. He stuid as the FJP's candidate for the Mey–Juin 2012 presidential election.

On 24 Juin 2012, the election commission annoonced that Morsi wan Egyp's presidential runaff against Ahmed Shafik, the last prime meenister unner deponed leader Hosni Mubarak.[8] Accordin tae offeecial results, Morsi teuk 51.7 percent o the vote while Shafik received 48.3%.[9] As he haed promised durin his campaign, Morsi resigned frae his poseetion as the heid o the FJP efter his victory wis annoonced.[10]

Efter Morsi grantit himself unleemitit pouers tae "protect" the naition in late November 2012,[11][12] an the pouer tae legislate wioot judicial owersicht or review o his acts, hunders o thoosands o protesters began demonstratin against him in the 2012 Egyptian protests.[13][14] On 8 December 2012, Morsi annulled his decree which haed expandit his presidential authority an removed judeecial review o his decrees, an Islamist offeecial said, but added that the effects o that declaration wad staund.[15] George Isaac o the Constitution Pairty said that Morsi’s declaration did nae offer onything new, the Naitional Salvation Front rejectit it as an attempt tae save face, an the 6 Aprile Movement an Gamal Fahmi o the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate said the new declaration failed tae address the "fundamental" problem o the naitur o the assembly that wis tasked wi draftin the constitution.[15]

On 30 Juin 2013, mass protests eruptit athort Egyp cryin for the Preses's resignation. This wis follaed bi the airmy's threit that if the protesters' demands wur nae met bi 3 Julie it wad step in an big a road cairt for the kintra, while insistin that it did nae want tae rule the kintra.[16] Some teuk this tae mean a militar coup, but the next day the airmy denied that thay wur referrin tae a possible militar coup.[17] The plan set up bi the militar includes suspendin the constitution, dissolvin the pairlament, an establishin a new admeenistration heidit bi the chief juistice.[18]

Morsi wis declared unseatit on 3 Julie 2013 bi a cooncil consistin o the defense meenister Al-Sisi, Mohamed ElBaradei, the Grand Imam o Al Azhar, an the Coptic Pape.[19][20]

Morsi wis reportit tae hae dee'd efter faintin while on trial on 17 Juin 2019; he wis 67.[21]

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