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Robert Mugabe

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Robert Mugabe
Preses o Zimbabwe
In office
22 December 1987 – 21 November 2017
Prime MeenisterMorgan Tsvangirai (2009–2013)
Vice PresesJoshua Nkomo
Simon Muzenda
Joice Mujuru
Joseph Msika
John Nkomo
Emmerson Mnangagwa
Phelekezela Mphoko
Precedit biCanaan Banana
Succeedit biEmmerson Mnangagwa
Prime Meenister o Zimbabwe
In office
18 Aprile 1980 – 22 December 1987
PresesCanaan Banana
DeputeSimon Muzenda
Precedit biAbel Muzorewa (Zimbabwe Rhodesie)
Succeedit biMorgan Tsvangirai (2009)
13t Chairperson o the African Union
In office
30 Januar 2015 – 30 Januar 2016
Precedit biMohamed Ould Abdel Aziz
Succeedit biIdriss Déby
Secretar-General o the Non-Aligned Muivement
In office
6 September 1986 – 7 September 1989
Precedit biZail Singh
Succeedit biJanez Drnovšek
Personal details
BornRobert Gabriel Mugabe
21 Februar 1924(1924-02-21)
Kutama,  Soothren Rhodesie
(nou Zimbabwe)
Dee'd6 September 2019(2019-09-06) (aged 95)
Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore
Poleetical pairtyNaitional Democratic Pairty (1960–1961)
Zimbabwe African Fowk's Union (1961–1963)
Zimbabwe African Naitional Union (1963–1987)
Zimbabwe African Naitional Union-Patriotic Front (1987–2017)
Spoose(s)Sally Hayfron (1961–1992)
Grace Marufu (1996–2019)
Robert Peter
Bellarmine Chatunga
Alma materVarsity o Fort Hare
Varsity o Sooth Africae
Varsity o Lunnon
ReligionRoman Catholicism
Militar service
Eikname(s)Uncle Bob[1]
Allegiance Zimbabwe

Robert Gabriel Mugabe (/mˈɡɑːb/; 21 Februar 1924 – 6 September 2019) wis a Zimbabwean politeecian an Preses o Zimbabwe, servin frae 31 December 1987 tae his demission on 21 November 2017. As ane o the leaders o the rebel groups against white minority rule, he wis electit as Prime meenister, heid o govrenment, in 1980, an served in that office till 1987-2017, when he acame the kintra's first executive heid o state.


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Robert Mugabe is seen bi his supporters as a hero o Africae Leeberation, while his creetics cite abuses o human richts, poleetical corruption an economic mismanagement unner his rule.

Illness an Death

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Mugabe wis pit intae hospital in Apryle 2019, makin the last oot o mony trips tae Singapore fur medical treatment, cause he'd duin in end o his term as preses an the follaein months. He dee'd on 6 September 2019. The cause o his deith hasnae been confirmt.


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