Medellín Cairtel

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Medellín Cairtel
Foondit 1976
Foondin location Antioquia Depairtment, Colombie
Years active 1976–1993
Territory Colombie
Ethnicity Colombies an internaitional fowk oot o Colombie.
Creeminal activities Drog trokin, money launderin, assassinations, bombin, extortion, bribery, kidnappin, murther, poleetical corruption, airms trokin, racketeerin, terrorism.
Allies Guadalajara Cairtel, Caribbean gangs.
Rivals Cali Cairtel, an Colombie Govrenment offeecials

The Medellín Cairtel wis an organisit netwirk o drog suppleers an smugglers oreeginatin in the ceety o Medellín, Colombie.

The drog cairtel operatit in Colombie, Bolivie, Peru, Honduras, the Unitit States, as well as Canadae an Europe throughoot the 1970s an 1980s. It wis foondit an run bi Ochoa Vázquez brithers Jorge Luis, Juan David, an Fabio thegither wi Pablo Escobar.

Bi 1993, the Colombie govrenment, in collaboration wi the Cali Cairtel, richt-wing paramilitar groups, an the Unitit States govrenment, haed successfully dismantled the cairtel bi impreesonin or assassinatin its members.

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