Mazara del Vallo

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Mazara del Vallo
Comune di Mazara del Vallo
Kirk o San Nicolò Regale.
Kirk o San Nicolò Regale.
Mazara del Vallo is locatit in Italy
Mazara del Vallo
Mazara del Vallo
Location o Mazara del Vallo in Italy
Coordinates: 37°39′N 12°35′E / 37.650°N 12.583°E / 37.650; 12.583
Kintra Italy
Region Sicily
Province Trapani (TP)
Frazioni Mazara Due, Borgata Costiera
 • Mayor Nicolò Cristaldi
 • Total 275 km2 (106 sq mi)
Elevation 8 m (26 ft)
Population (30 Aprile 2009)
 • Tot 51,359
 • Density 190/km2 (480/sq mi)
Demonym(s) Mazaresi
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Simmer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Postal code 91026
Dialin code 0923
Patron saunt St. Vitus
Saunt day June 15
Wabsteid Offeecial wabsteid

Mazara del Vallo (Sicilian: Mazzara) is a toun an comune in soothwastren Sicily, Italy, which lees mainly on the left bank at the mooth o the Mazaro river, admeenistratively pairt o the province o Trapani.

It is an agricultural an fishin centre an its port gives shelter tae the lairgest fishin fleet in Italy.

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