Los Ríos Province

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Los Rios
Provincia de Los Rios
Banner o Los Rios
Location o Los Rios Province in Ecuador.
Location o Los Rios Province in Ecuador.
Cantons o Los Ríos Province
Cantons o Los Ríos Province
Creatit30 September 1948.
Foondit biLegislative decree
Named forHeich number o existin rivers.
CantonsLeet o Cantons
 • TeepProvincial
 • Total7152 km2 (2,761 sq mi)
 • Total778.115
 • Urban
 • Population 2001
Time zoneUTC-5 (ECT)

Los Ríos is a province in Ecuador. The caipital is Babahoyo. The province wis foondit on 30 September 1948 unner legistative decree.[2] Its caipital Babahoyo wis foondit on 6 October 1860. The province is poor, law-lyin, aften subject tae floodin an haes some o wirst roads in the kintra.

Economy[eedit | eedit soorce]

The province's economy is lairgely based on its agricultur: coffee, cacao, bananas, rice, etc. Its sma industrial sector produces paper, succar, an firth crafts. Recently developit tourist attractions include fishin an native rituals.

Cantons[eedit | eedit soorce]

The province is dividit intae 13 cantons.[2] The follaein table leets each wi its population as o the 2001 census, its aurie in square kilometres (km²), an the name o the canton seat or caipital.[3]

Canton Pop. (2001) Aurie (km²) Seat/Caipital
Baba 35,185 516 Baba
Babahoyo 132,824 1,076 Babahoyo
Buena Fé 47,361 569 San Jacinto de Buena Fe
Mocache 33,481 562 Mocache
Montalvo 20,067 362 Montalvo
Palenque 20,658 570 Palenque
Pueblo Viejo 29,420 338 Puebloviejo
Quevedo 139,790 303 Quevedo
Quinsaloma     Quinsaloma
Urdaneta 25,812 377 Catarama
Valencia 32,870 980 Valencia
Ventanas 71,145 806 Ventanas
Vinces 61,565 693 Vinces

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