Bolívar Province (Ecuador)

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Province o Bolivar
Banner o Bolivar
Location o the Bolívar Province in Ecuador.
Location o the Bolívar Province in Ecuador.
Cantons o Bolívar Province
Cantons o Bolívar Province
Coordinates: 1°36′S 79°0′W / 1.600°S 79.000°W / -1.600; -79.000
CantonsLeet o Cantons
 • Total3927 km2 (1,516 sq mi)
 • Total182,744
 • Density47/km2 (120/sq mi)
 • Population 2001
Time zoneUTC-5 (ECT)

Bolívar is a province in Ecuador. The caipital is Guaranda. Hintle o the province haes a ceul, 'sierra' climate, but the pairt in the lawer fuithills haes a wairm, tropical climate.

Cantons[eedit | eedit soorce]

The province is dividit intae 7 cantons. The follaein table leets each wi its population as o the 2001 census, its aurie in square kilometres (km²), an the name o the canton seat or caipital.[1]

Canton Pop. (2001) Aurie (km²) Seat/Caipital
Caluma 11,074 175 Caluma
Chillanes 18,685 655 Chillanes
Chimbo 15,005 262 Chimbo
Echeandía 10,951 230 Echeandía
Guaranda 81,643 1,888 Guaranda
Las Naves 5,265 147 Las Naves
San Miguel 26,747 570 San Miguel

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