Lawer Normandy

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Lawer Normandy
Region o Fraunce
Banner o Lawer Normandy
Basse-Normandie in France.svg
Kintra  Fraunce
Prefectur Caen
 • Preses Laurent Beauvais (PS)
 • Total 17,589 km2 (6,791 sq mi)
Population (2007-01-01)
 • Tot 1,453,000
 • Density 83/km2 (210/sq mi)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Simmer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
NUTS Region FR2

Lawer Normandy (French: Basse-Normandie, IPA: [bas nɔr.mɑ̃.di]; Norman: Basse-Normaundie) is an admeenistrative region o Fraunce. It wis creatit in 1956, when the Normandy region wis dividit intae Lawer Normandy an Upper Normandy. The region includes three depairtments, Calvados, Manche an Orne, that cover the pairt o Normandy traditionally termit "Lawer Normandy" lyin wast o the Dives River, the Pays d'Auge (except a sma pairt remainin in Upper Normandy), a sma pairt o the Pays d'Ouche (the main pairt remainin in Upper Normandy), the Norman Perche an pairt o the "French" Perche. It covers 10,857 km2, 3.2 percent o the surface aurie o Fraunce.[1]

The traditional destricts o Lawer Normandy include the Cotentin Peninsulae an La Hague, the Campagne de Caen, the Norman Bocage, the Bessin an the Avranchin.

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Coordinates: 49°00′N 1°00′W / 49.000°N 1.000°W / 49.000; -1.000