Kristin Armstrong

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Kristin Armstrong
Personal information
Full nameKristin Armstrong
Born (1973-08-11) 11 August 1973 (age 50)
Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.
Hicht5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Wecht128 lb (58 kg)
Team information
Current teamExergy TWENTY12
Rider teepAll-rounder
Perfaisional team(s)
2001–2005T-Mobile Women
2006–2007Team Lipton
2008–2009Cervélo–Lifeforce Pro Cycling Team
2011Peanut Butter & Co. Team TWENTY12
2012Exergy TWENTY12
2015Twenty16 presented by Sho-Air
Major wins
One-day races
Olympic individual time trial (2008, 2012, 2016)
World Time Trial Champion (2006, 2009)
Pan American Continental Time Trial Champion (2005)
National Road Race Champion (2004)
National Time Trial Champion (2005, 2006, 2007, 2015)
Nature Valley Grand Prix (2006, 2007, 2008)
USA Pro Challenge (2015)

Kristin Armstrong (born August 11, 1973) is a profeesional road bicycle racer an three-time Olympic gowd medallist, the winner o the weemen's individual time trial in 2008, 2012 an 2016. Afore temporarily retiring tae stairt a faimily in 2009, she rode for Cervélo TestTeam in weemen's elite profeesional events on the National Racing Calendar (NRC) an UCI Women's World Cup. She annooncit a return tae competitive cyclin beginnin in the 2011 season, competin for Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY12 at the Redlands Classic.[1]

Backgrund[eedit | eedit soorce]

Prior tae her profeesional cyclin career, Armstrong haed been a junior Olympian in soummin, a distance runner in college, an then became a triathlete.[2][3] She spent mony oors perfectin her strokes in the puil at the Boise Faimily YMCA, whaur she servit as Director o Aquatics an aw, managin mair nor 50 lifegairds, soum instructors, an ithers. She wis diagnosit wi osteoarthritis in baith hips in 2001 at age 27, an tauld that she coud nae langer run at an elite level, sicweys endin her triathlon career an leadin her tae focus exclusively on cyclin.[2][4]

The three-time naitional champion feenished 8t (tap U.S. feenisher) in the weemen's road race at the 2004 Simmer Olympics in Athens.

At the 2008 Simmer Olympics in Cheenae, Armstrong completit the biggest achievement o her career bi winnin the gowd medal in the weemen's road time trial competeetion on August 13. Feenishin in unner 35 minutes, Armstrong wis 25 seiconts aheid o siller medallist Emma Pooley frae Great Breetain, wi Karin Thürig frae Swisserland takkin the bronze.

O Armstrong, Velonews wrote: "Kristin Armstrong is famous for both her success in bicycle racing, and the 'type-A' attention to detail that keeps her climbing the podium at critical races every season."[5]

Armstrong annooncit at the end o 2010 that she wad return tae competitive cyclin, wi the goal o competin in the 2012 Simmer Olympics in London. In a written statement, she statit that her retirement wis merely temporar in order tae stairt a faimily. "I love cycling and I love competing. I stopped racing after the 2009 World Championships not because I was burned out, but because my husband and I wanted to start a family,” said Kristin Armstrong. "I told myself from the beginning if everything went smoothly with the birth of our son, Lucas William, I would consider racing again." Armstrong will be competin on a team she is a pairt awner o, Peanut Butter & Co. Team TWENTY12.[6]

In 2011, Armstrong did indeed return wi Peanut Butter & Co. Team TWENTY12. She wan three o the fower stages (criterium, road race an time trial) an the oweraw title during the Sea Otter Classic in Apryle.[2] Housomeivver, durin the first stage o the Tour of the Gila, which she haed wan twice previously, Armstrong came doun wi fuid poisonin.[7] She endit up athdrawin frae the race an returnin hame tae recover.[8]

She successfully defendit her Olympic title in the individual time trial at the 2012 Olympics in London and became the auldest rider tae win an Olympic time trial, an finished 35th in the Women's road race.[9] She annooncit her retirement efter the 2012 Olympics.[10]

In September 2012, Armstrong's Olympic gowd medal winnin time trial bike wis stolen whilk in transit atween Germany an the USA.[11]

In Apryle 2015 Armstrong annooncit that she wad be comin oot o retirement tae race at the 2015 Pan American Road Championships in Leon, Mexico haein been selectit bi USA Cycling for the individual time trial.[12] Housomeivver twa days efter announcin Armstrong's selection the USA Cycling Selection Committee reconvenit, decidin that the new selection process unner which Armstrong haed been chosen haed no been published in a timely manner, that as a result the federation's aulder Principles o Athlete Selection, which haed been issued in 2008, shoud be uised for selection tae the Pan American Championships, an that Armstrong's place wad be taken bi Tayler Wiles.[13] The follaein month Armstrong wan the United States National Time Trial Championships in Chattanooga, Tennessee, beatin Carmen Small bi 13 seiconts.[14]

Personal life[eedit | eedit soorce]

Armstrong in Juin 2009

Armstrong's faither wis an officer in the US Marines.[15] Born in Memphis, Tennessee, she livit in Tennessee an Californie an attendit heich schuil in Havelock, North Carolina, an abroad in Okinawa, Japan, whaur she graduatit frae Kubasaki High School in 1991.[16][17] She enrolled at the Varsity o Idaho in Moscow, whaur she ran track for the Vandals for a saison as a walk-on an wis a member o the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority.[3][18] Armstrong earnt a bachelor's degree frae UI in sports physiologie in 1995, an currently lives in Boise, Idaho.[3][19]

She is aften ramfeeselt wi the ex-wife o fellae cyclist Lance Armstrong, whase name is forbye Kristin. Kristin Armstrong the cyclist an Lance Armstrong are no relatit.[20]

Armstrong is marriet tae Joe Savola; thair son Lucas William Savola wis born on 15 September 2010.[2] Fower month afore his birth, she gae the commencement address at her alma mater in Mey 2010.[21]

Palmarès[eedit | eedit soorce]

2002 – USA National-T Mobile
7th overall – HP Women's Challenge
2003 – T-Mobile Professional Women's Team
3rd (Bronze) – Women's Time Trial, Pan American Games
5th – Geelong World Cup
13th – World Time Trial Championships
2004 – T-Mobile Professional Women's Team
USA National Women's Road Race Champion
8th – Women's Road Race, 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens
1st, Stage 3, Redlands Bicycle Classic
1st, Prologue, Sea Otter Classic, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca
2nd, General Classification, Sea Otter Classic
2005 – T-Mobile Professional Women's Team
3rd (Bronze) – UCI Road World Championships Time Trial
1st, Pan American Continental Women's Time Trial
USA National Women's Time Trial Champion
3rd, National Championship, Track, Pursuit
1st overall and 2 stages (Prologue and Stage 2) win – Sea Otter Classic
2nd (Silver) – Women's 3km Individual Pursuit, Pan American Championships
3rd overall – Tour de l'Aude Cycliste Féminin
3rd, Stage 1 – Thüringen-Rundfahrt der Frauen
1st, General Classification, Valley of the Sun Stage Race, 1st Stage 1
2nd, General Classification, San Dimas Stage Race
1st, Stage 1
1st, Stage 1, Tour de Toona
2nd, General Classification, Tour de l'Ardèche
2006 – Team Lipton
1st (Gold) – UCI Road World Championship Women's Time Trial
USA National Championship Women's Time Trial
USA National Championship Women's Road Race
1st overall – Nature Valley Grand Prix
1st, Stage 1 – Saint Paul Waterfront Time Trial
1st, Stage 4 – Mankato Road Race
Cascade Cycling Classic
1st, Stage 2 – Cascade Lakes Road Race
1st, Stage 3 – Arnold Market Time Trial
3rd overall – La Coupe du Monde Cycliste Féminine de Montréal
1st, General Classification, Tour de Toona, Altoona
1st, Stage 3
3rd, World Cup, Track, Pursuit, Sydney
1st overall Tour of the Gila, Mogollon
1st Stage 2
1st, General Classification, Euregio Ladies Tour, Leende, 1st Stage 1
2007 – Team Lipton
USA National Championship Women's Time Trial
2nd, National Championship Women's Road Race
1st overall and 3 stage wins – Nature Valley Grand Prix
1st overall, mountains and 1 stage win (ITT) – Holland Ladies Tour
2nd (Silver) – UCI Road World Championships Time Trial
1st, Souvenir Magali Pache
1st, General Classification, Tour de Toona
1st, Stage 6
2008 – Cervélo Lifeforce Pro Cycling Team
1st, General Classification, NZCT Women's Tour of New Zealand
3rd, World Cup, Track, Team Pursuit, Los Angeles
1st overall and 4 stage wins – Nature Valley Grand Prix
1st overall and 3 stage wins – Cascade Cycling Classic
1st – Boise Twilight Criterium
 Gowd, Time Trial; Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
2009 – Cervélo TestTeam 2009 season
1st (Gold) – UCI Road World Championship Women's Time Trial
1st, General Classification and 3 stage wins – Tour of the Gila
2011 – Peanut Butter & Co. Team TWENTY12
1st overall and 3 stage wins – Sea Otter Classic
1st, Women's Time Trial – Tour of California
2012 – Peanut Butter & Co. Team TWENTY12
 Gowd, Time Trial; London 2012 Olympic Games
2015 Annoonced return tae the sport.
1st, United States National Time Trial Championships
1st Overall Women's USA Pro Challenge
1st, Stage 1 (ITT)
2nd Overall Cascade Cycling Classic[22]
3rd Tour of California Women's Time Trial[23]
1st, Stage 3 (ITT) Redlands Bicycle Classics
 Gowd, Time Trial; Rio 2016 Olympic Games
2nd Overall Tour of California
3rd United States National Time Trial Championships

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