Knichts Templar Cairtel

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Los Caballeros Templarios
Foondin locationMichoacán, Mexico
Years active2011–present
TerritoryMichoacán, Guerrero, State o Mexico, Morelos, Sinaloa[1]
Creeminal activitiesDrog trokin, money launderin, kidnappin, racketeerin, murther, airms trokin, robbery, assault, coonterfeitin.[2]
AlliesSinaloa Cairtel, Guwf Cairtel, La Resistencia
RivalsLos Zetas, Jalisco New Generation Cairtel

The Knichts Templar Cairtel (Spaingie: Caballeros Templarios) is a Mexican creeminal organisation componit o remnants o the defunct La Familia Michoacana drog cairtel based in the Mexican state o Michoacán.[3][4]

Efter the daith o Nazario Moreno González, leader o the La Familia Michoacana cairtel,[4] the ither cairtel co-foonders, Enrique Plancarte Solís an Servando Gómez Martínez, formit an affshuit o La Familia cawin itsel Caballeros Templarios (or Knichts Templar).[3][4][5] Dionicio Loya Plancarte wad jyne an aw.[6]

The Knichts Templar Cairtel indoctrinates its operatives tae "fecht an die" for what thay caw "social juistice".[7] Thay hae taken full control o the nou extinct La Familia Michoacana operations in states includin Michoacán, Guerrero, State o Mexico, an Morelos. Its airmit wing is La Resistencia.

Narco-banners for the Pape[eedit | eedit soorce]

On 17 Mairch 2012 in the state o Guanajuato, the Knichts Templar Cairtel put up several banners on brigs welcomin the Pape Benedict XVI, an pledgin tae no provoke ony violent acts durin the pape's veesit.[8] The 14 banners read the follaein:

The Knichts Templar Cairtel will no partake in ony warlike acts, we are no killers, walcome Pape.[9]

The banners wur put up in the municipalities o León, San Miguel de Allende, Irapuato, Salamanca, Yuriria, Moroleón, an Uriangato.[8] Ither banners wur allegedly signed bi the Jalisco New Generation Cairtel.[10] Pape Benedict XVI wis scheduled for a veesit on 23 Mairch 2012 in Guanajuato.[11]

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