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Moroleón is a ceety locatit in the same name municipality o the state o Guanajuato, adjacent tae the border wi the state o Michoacán, in Mexico.

It lees directly wast o the ceety o Uriangato, an is a pairt o the Uriangato-Moroleón metropolitan aurie that includes the twa municipalities. The ceety is the seat o the municipality. In the Mexican census o 2005 the ceety haed a population o 41,909 inhabitants, while the municipality haed a population o 46,751. The municipality haes a aurie o 164.97 km² (60.606 sq mi). Moroleon is considered a important clothes shoppin destination in Guanajuato, wi clothin stores that line the streets for miles as it is ane o the leading ceeties o the textile industry in aw o Mexico. On the 6t o Januar, thare is a big festival tae celebrate the history o the kirk. An aw, thare is anither celebration on the 16 o September tae recognize the unthirldom o Mexico.

Ceeties near are Uriangato, Yuriria, Morelia.

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Coordinates: 20°08′N 101°12′W / 20.133°N 101.200°W / 20.133; -101.200