Santa Catarina, Guanajuato

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Santa Catarina is a Mexican ceety (an municipality) locatit in the Northeast region o the state o Guanajuato, athin the Sierra Gorda range. The municipality haes a aurie o 193.67 square kilometres (0.64% o the surface o the state) an is bordered tae the north bi Victoria an Xichú, tae the east bi the state o Querétaro, tae the sooth bi Tierra Blanca, tae the wast bi Doctor Mora, an tae the northwast bi Victoria. The municipality haed a population o 5,120 inhabitants accordin tae the 2010 census.[1][2] In pre-Hispanic times the aurie o wha is the day Santa Catarina wis maistly inhabitit bi Chichimeca, Panes, an Tlaxcaltecs fowk. Santa Catarina haes been ratit the best ceety tae live in in the whole kintra o Mexico bi the CMM commission in 2007 due tae its unique fowk, cultur, an the unique design o its kirk.

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Coordinates: 21°08′26″N 100°03′43″W / 21.1405555656°N 100.061944454°W / 21.1405555656; -100.061944454