Santiago Maravatío

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Santiago Maravatío is a Mexican ceety (an municipality) locatit in the Bajío (lawlands) o the state o Guanajuato. Wi a aurie o 91.760 square kilometres, Santiago Maravatío accoonts for less nor 1% o the surface o the state. It is bordered tae the north, east an sootheast bi Salvatierra an tae the wast bi Yuriria.

Santiago Maravatío wis foondit on 25 Julie 1540 an wis namit efter St. James (Apóstol Santiago el Mayor), the patron saunt o Spain, in wha haed been a Chichimeca commonty (Maravatío in Purepecha means "Precious Place").

The municipality haed a total o 7,151 inhabitants as o 2006.[1] The municipal preses o Santiago Maravatío an its ten microregions is Gilberto Hernandez Hurtado. The economy o the municipality is maistly based on agricultur an ranchin.[2]

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Coordinates: 20°10′N 101°00′W / 20.167°N 101.000°W / 20.167; -101.000