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Kim Jae-bum

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Kim Jae-bum
Personal information
BornJanuar 25, 1985
Gimcheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Sooth Korea
Korean Name
Revised RomanisationKim Jae-beom
McCune–ReischauerKim Chae-bŏm

Kim Jae-bum (born Januar 25, 1985 in Gimcheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do) is a retired Sooth Korean judoka.

Kim wan a gowd medal in the -73 kg class at the 2004 Warld Junior Judo Championships in Budapest, Hungary.[1]

At the 2005 Asian Judo Championships in Tashkent, he wan a gowd medal in the -73 kg class.

Kim wis considered ane o the Big Three Judokas o the -73 kg class in Sooth Korea, along wi Lee Won-Hee an Wang Ki-Chun. But in 2007, he moved up in weicht tae avoid the fierce competition,[2] an wan a gowd medal in the -81 kg category at the 2008 Asian Judo Championships in Jeju.

Kim competit in the 2008 Olympic Gemmes in Beijing, Cheenae, an wan the siller medal in the -81 kg class.[3] In the preliminary roonds, he defeatit 2006 European champion Serguei Shundikov o Belarus bi pynts an 2007 European champion Robert Krawczyk o Poland bi ippon. Kim edged oot 2008 European champion João Neto o Portugal bi pynts in the quarterfinals. In the semifinal, Kim beat 2005 Warld Champion Guillaume Elmont o the Netherlands. He lost tae 2005 European champion Ole Bischof o Germany in the final, though Kim haed defeatit aw o the European champions frae 2006 tae 2008 in the previous roonds.

Kim wan his first major gowd medal at the 2010 Warld Judo Championships held in Tokyo, Japan. In the gowd medal match, he defeatit twa-time Olympic medalist Leandro Guilheiro o Brazil[4] bi scorin a waza-ari wi ouchi-gari in extra time.[1]

Kim acame the twa-time warld champion at the 2011 Warld Judo Championships held in Paris, Fraunce. Kim avenged his Beijing 2008 Olympic Gemmes loss tae Ole Bischof in roond o 16.[5] He beat Srdjan Mrvaljevic o Montenegro in the final match bi scorin a waza-ari wi osaekomi-waza.[6] In Simmer Olympics 2012, Kim wan gowd medal in men's -81 kg diveesion, defeatin German Judoka Ole Bischof.[7]

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