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Valley o Karrantza
Valley o Karrantza
Banner o Karrantza
Coat of airms o Karrantza
Coat airms
Location o Karrantza athin Biscay
Location o Karrantza athin Biscay
Kintra Spain
Autonomous commonty País Vasco
 • MayorJosé María Martín Iparragirre (EAJ-PNV)
 • Total137,66 km2 (5,315 sq mi)
155 m (509 ft)
 • Total2,794
 • Density0.20/km2 (0.53/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Postal code
WebsiteOffeecial wabsteid

Karrantza (in Basque an offeecially, in Spaingie Carranza), kent as as Karrantza Harana an aw (Basque for Valley o Karrantza) is a toun an municipality locatit in the province o Biscay, in the Basque Kintra. It is locatit in the comarca o Enkarterri an it is the wastmaist an lairgest (bi aurie) municipality o the province.

Film director Víctor Erice wis born there.


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The first recordit appearance o the toponym o Karrantza is on the Chronicle o Alfonso III, dated in the 10t hunderyear, whaur it appears as Carrantia. Accordin tae the text, Carrantia wis ane of the touns kent tae be populatit in the reign o Alfonso I, Keeng o Asturias. The oreegin o Carrantia comes frae the Cantabrian dialect, meanin "heich rocks". Frae Carrantia it wad evolve tae Carranza, the current Spainyie toponym. Karrantza is the Basque toponym, a adaptation o Carranza follaein the Basque orthographic rules, an it is the offeecial name o the municipality syne 2001.


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The first kent vestiges o the human presence in Karrantza glen is some lithic tuils, frae the late Middle Paleolithic.[1] In Karrantza is locatit the sanctuar o Venta Laperra, the auldest o the entire Basque Kintra, wi several shapes o Paleolithic airt. Thare is evidence o auncient pastoral activity, as weel as airt shapes belangin tae hunter-gatherers frae the Neolithic an the Bronze Age.[1]

The oral tradeetions tells o the presence o Romans in the land o the glen, which wur interestit in the exploitation o galena frae the Ubal muntains. Diggings effectuatit in some o the coves athin the municipality revealed Roman pottery. In 1903 mair nor a hunder Roman coins wis foond, aw datit frae 238 till 260.[1]

The first records aboot the Karrantza glen is frae the 8t hunderyear, whan the Keeng o Asturias Alfonso I wis conductin a series o resettlements on the Atlantic region o the Iberian Peninsula, as they wur mentioned in the Chronicle o Alfonso III a hunderyear later.

The valley o Karrantza wis incorporatit tae the Laird o Biscay in the 12t hunderyear. It belangs tae the territory o the Enkarterri, that wis itsel incorporatit tae Biscay in the 13t hunderyear.


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Karrantza is locate in the wastmaist pairt o the Enkarterri region an is the lairgest (bi aurie) o aw the municipalities o Biscay. Karratza is 54 kilometer awa frae the heid o province Bilbao an limits at north bi the autonomous commonty o Cantabrie, at east maistly wi the Cantabrie exclave o Villaverde de Trucios, an the Basque municipalities o Turtzioz an Artzentales, at sooth wi the province o Burgos an at wast wi the smaw municipality o Lanestosa an the Cantabrian community.


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Coordinates: 43°12′21″N 3°21′48″W / 43.20583°N 3.36333°W / 43.20583; -3.36333