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Kandahār or Qandahār (Pashto/Persie: کندهار or قندهار, Arabic: إسكندرية, Greek: Αλεξάνδρεια αραχνοειδής Transliteration: Alexandria Arachosia) is the seicont lairgest ceety in Afghanistan, wi a population o aboot 468,200.[1] It is the caipital o Kandahar Province, locatit in the sooth o the kintra at aboot 1,005 m (3,297 feet) abuin sea level. The Arghandab River runs alang the wast o the ceety.

Kandahar is a major tradin center for sheep, oo, cotton, silk, felt, fuid grains, fresh an dried fruit, an tobacco. The region produces fine fruits, especially pomegranates an grapes, an the ceety haes plants for cannin, dryin, an packin fruit. Kandahar haes an internaitional airport an extensive road links wi Farah an Herat tae the wast, Ghazni an Kabul tae the northeast, Tareen Kot tae the north, an Quetta in Pakistan tae the sooth.

Mony empires hae lang fought ower the ceety, due tae its strategic location alang the trade routes o Soothren an Central Asie. In 1709, Mirwais Hotak made the region an independent kinrick an turned Kandahar intae the caipital o the Hotaki dynasty. In 1747, Ahmad Shah Durrani, foonder o the Afghan Empire, made it the caipital o modren Afghanistan. [2][3] Frae 1996 tae 2001, Kandahar served as the caipital o the Islamic Emirate o Afghanistan. Syne 2002, the ceety is slowly being rebuilt.


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Coordinates: 31°37′14″N 65°42′57″E / 31.62068°N 65.71588°E / 31.62068; 65.71588