Joseph-Louis Lagrange

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Joseph-Louis Lagrange
Joseph-Louis (Giuseppe Luigi),
comte de Lagrange
BornGiuseppe Lodovico Lagrangia
25 Januar 1736(1736-01-25)
Turin, Piedmont-Sardinie
Dee'd10 Apryle 1813(1813-04-10) (aged 77)
Paris, Fraunce
French Empire
Kent for(see leet)
Analytical mechanics
Celestial mechanics
Mathematical analysis
Nummer theory
Scientific career
Mathematical pheesics
InstitutionsÉcole polytechnique
Academic advisorsLeonhard Euler
Giovanni Battista Beccaria
Doctoral studentsJoseph Fourier
Giovanni Plana
Siméon Poisson

Joseph-Louis Lagrange ([laˈgrɑ̃ʒ]), born Giuseppe Lodovico Lagrangia[1][need quotation tae verify] or Giuseppe Ludovico De la Grange Tournier[2] (an aa reportit as Giuseppe Luigi Lagrange[3] or Lagrangia[4]) (25 Januar 1736 – 10 Aprile 1813) wis an Italian Enlichtenment Era mathematician an astronomer.

In 1766, on the recommendation o Leonhard Euler an d'Alembert, Lagrange succeedit Euler as the director o mathematics at the Proushie Academy o Sciences in Berlin, Proushie, whaur he stayed for ower twenty years, producin vollums o wark an winnin several prizes o the French Academy o Sciences. Lagrange's treatise on analytical mechanics (Mécanique analytique, 4. ed., 2 vols. Paris: Gauthier-Villars et fils, 1788–89), written in Berlin an first published in 1788, offered the maist comprehensive treatment o clessical mechanics syne Newton an formed a basis for the development o mathematical pheesics in the nineteent century.

In 1787, at age 51, he muived frae Berlin tae Paris an becam a member o the French Academy o Sciences. He remeened in Fraunce till the end o his life. He wis signeeficantly involved in the decimalisation in Revolutionary Fraunce, becam the first professor o analysis at the École polytechnique upon its appenin in 1794, wis a foondin member o the Bureau des Longitudes, an becam Senator in 1799.

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