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French Republic
République française



Liberté, égalité, fraternité, ou la mort!
Liberty, equality, britherhuid, or Daith!
"La Marseillaise"[1]
French First Republic (1801)
Caipital Paris
Leids French
Government Republic
 -  1792–1795 Naitional Convention
wi Maximilien Robespierre leadin the Convention
 -  1795–1799 Directory
wi Paul Barras leadin the Directory
 -  1799–1804 Consulate
wi Napoleon Bonaparte as First Consul
Legislatur Naitional Convention
French Directory
French Consulate
 -  Stormin o the Bastille an French Revolution 14 Julie 1789
 -  Owerthrow o Louis XVI 21 September 1792
 -  Committee o Public Safety an Reign o Terror 5 September 1793 to
28 Julie 1794
 -  (First) Abolition o slavery 4 Februar 1794
 -  Thermidorean Reaction 24 Julie 1794
 -  Coup o 18 Brumaire 9 November 1799
 -  Napoleon Bonaparte is proclaimed emperor bi the Senate 18 Mey 1804
Siller Livres, Francs, Assignats

In the history o Fraunce, the First Republic, offeecially the French Republic (French: République française), wis foondit on 22 September 1792, bi the newly established Naitional Convention. The First Republic lastit till the declaration o the First French Empire in 1804 unner Napoleon I. This period wis characterized bi the faw o the monarchy, the establishment o the Naitional Convention an the infamous Reign o Terror, the foondin o the Directory an the Thermidorian Reaction, and finally, the creation o the Consulate an Napoleon’s rise tae pouer.

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