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Iraq Inquiry
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DateHearins: 24 November 2009 (2009-11-24) – 2 February 2011
Report: 6 Julie 2016
LocationLunnon, Unitit Kinrick
An aa kent asChilcot Inquiry (or Report)
PairteecipantsSir John Chilcot (chairman)
Sir Lawrence Freedman
Sir Martin Gilbert (died while inquiry wis ongangin)
Sir Roderic Lyne
Baroness Prashar

The Iraq Inquiry, an aa referred tae as the Chilcot Inquiry efter its chairman, Sir John Chilcot,[1][2] is a Breetish public inquiry intae the naition's role in the Iraq War. The inquiry wis annoonced on 15 Juin 2009 bi Prime Meenister Gordon Brown.

The Inquiry wis pursued bi a committee o Privy Counsellors wi broad terms o reference tae consider Breetain's involvement in Iraq atween mid-2001 an Julie 2009. It covered the run-up tae the conflict, the subsequent militar action an its eftermath wi the purpose tae establish the wey deceesions war made, tae determine whit happened an tae identify lessons tae ensur that in a seemilar situation in futur, the Breetish govrenment is equipped tae respond in the maist effective manner in the best interests o the kintra.[3] The open sessions o the inquiry commenced on 24 November 2009 an concludit on 2 Februar 2011.

In 2012, the govrenment vetoed the release tae the Inquiry o documents detailin minutes o Cabinet meetins in the days leadin up tae the invasion o Iraq in 2003. Concurrently, the Foreign Office successfully appealed against a judge's rulin an blocked the disclosur o extracts o a conversation atween US Preses George W. Bush an Breetish Prime Meenister Tony Blair days afore the invasion. The govrenment statit that revealin the conversation would present a "significant danger" tae Breetish-American relations.[4] The million-wird report o the Inquiry wis due tae be released tae the public bi 2014,[5] but difficult negotiations war continuin wi the Unitit States ower the publication o documents.[6] The Laird-in-Waitin Laird Wallace o Saltaire said on behauf o the govrenment that it would be "inappropriate" tae publish the report in the months leadin up tae the next general election in Mey 2015.[7]

In August it transpired that the Report wad in ony event be further delayed, possibly intae 2016, due tae the legal requirement o "Maxwellisation", allaein ony person wha is tae be criticised a fair opportunity tae comment on a draft prior tae finalisation an publication.[8] Chilcot wrote a letter tae David Cameron in October 2015, annooncin that the text could be complete bi Aprile 2016, an furthermair proponed a release date o Juin or Julie 2016.[9]

On 6 Julie 2016 Sir John Chilcot published the report, mair nor seiven years efter the inquiry wis annoonced.[10] The report statit that Saddam Hussein didna pose an urgent threat tae Breetish interests, that intelligence regairdin wappens o mass destruction wis presentit wi ower muckle certainty, that peacefu alternatives tae war haed nae been exhaustit, that the Unitit Kinrick an Unitit States haed unnermined the authority o the Unitit Naitions Security Cooncil, that the process o identifyin the legal basis wis "far frae satisfactory", an that a war in Mairch 2003 wis unnecessary.[11][12]

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