Hoose o Hohenzollern

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Hoose o Hohenzollern
Coat o airms o the Hohenzollerns
Kintra Germany, Romanie
Titles Coont o Zollern
Margrave o Brandenburg
Duke o Proushie
Burgrave o Nuremberg
Margrave o Bayreuth
Margrave o Brandenburg-Ansbach
Keeng o Proushie
German Emperor
Prince o Neuchâtel
Keeng o Romanie
Prince o Hohenzollern-Hechingen
Prince o Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen
Foondit 11t century
Foonder Burkhard I, Coont o Zollern
Final ruler

Germany an Proushie:
Emperor Wilhelm II (1888–1918)

Keeng Michael I (1927–1930, 1940–1947)
Current heid

Germany an Proushie:
HI&RH Prince Georg Friedrich (1994–)
HH Prince Karl Friedrich (2010–)

HM Keeng Michael (1947–)
Deposeetion Germany an Proushie:
1918: German Revolution
1947: Stalinist tak-ower
Ethnicity German, Romanie
Cadet branches Romanie
Hoose o Proushie

The Hoose o Hohenzollern is a dynasty o umwhile princes, electors, keengs, an emperors o Hohenzollern, Brandenburg, Proushie, the German Empire, an Romanie.