Guid Frydey Greeance

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Multi–Pairty Greeance
TypeMultilateral greeance
Signed10 Apryle 1998 (1998-04-10)
LocationBilfawst, Norlin Airlan
Effective2 December 1999 (1999-12-02)
PairtiesGovrenment o the Unitit Kinrick
Govrenment o Airlan
Pairties in Norlan Airlan
Brits–Erse Greeance
TypeBilateral international greeance
Signed10 Apryle 1998 (1998-04-10)
LocationBilfawst, Norlin Airlan
Effective2 December 1999 (1999-12-02)
Tony BlairBertie Ahern
Mo MowlamDavid Andrews
Pairties Unitit Kinrick
Republic o Ireland Republic o Airlan

The Guid Fryday Greeance (GFG), kent forby as the Bilfawst Greeance (Inglis: Good Friday Agreement or Belfast Agreement; Erse: Comhaontú Aoine an Chéasta or Comhaontú Bhéal Feirste), is a pair o greeances signed on 10 Apryle 1998 that endit maist o the violence o the Truibils, a pooer conflict in Norlan Airlan that haed bin ongoin syne the 1960s.  It servit as a major development in the Norlan Airlan aiblins process o the 1990s. Norlan Airlan's present devolvit sýstem o govrenment is basit on the greeance.  The greeance forby creatit a wheen o institutions atween Norlan Airlan an the Republic o Airlan, an atween the Republic o Airlan an the Unitit Kinrick.

Issues anent sovereignty, ceevil an cultural richts, decommissionin o airms, demilitarisation, justice an policin were central tae the greeance.

The greeance wus approvit bi voters athort the island o Ireland in twa referendums haudit on 22 Mey 1998.  In Norlan Airlan, voters were askit in the 1998 Norlan Airlan Guid Frydey Greeance referendum whether they supportit the multi-party greeance.  In the Republic o Airlan, voters were askit whether they would allou the state tae sign the greeance an allou necessary constitutional chynges (Nineteent Amendment o the Constitution o Airlan) tae facilitate it.  The fowk, bodies o baith jurisdictions needit tae approve the greeance in order tae gie effect tae it.

The Brits–Erse Greeance cam intae force on 2 December 1999. The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) wus the ainly major political group in Northern Ireland tae oppone the Greeance.[1]

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