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Guayabal de Síquima

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Guayabal de Síquima
Municipality an toun
Banner o Guayabal de Síquima
Official seal of Guayabal de Síquima
Location o the municipality an toun inside Cundinamarca Depairtment o Colombie
Location o the municipality an toun inside Cundinamarca Depairtment o Colombie
Guayabal de Síquima is located in Colombie
Guayabal de Síquima
Guayabal de Síquima
Location in Colombie
Coordinates: 4°52′N 74°28′W / 4.867°N 74.467°W / 4.867; -74.467Coordinates: 4°52′N 74°28′W / 4.867°N 74.467°W / 4.867; -74.467
Kintra Colombie
Depairtment Cundinamarca
1630 m (5,350 ft)
Time zoneUTC-5 (Colombie Staundart Time)

Guayabal de Síquima forbye kent as "The Gowden Gate o the Central Magdalena" is a municipality an toun o Colombia in the depairtment o Cundinamarca locatit in the Central Magdalena Province 69 km frae Bogotá.

The principal toun is locatit at 4°52’52” north an 74°28’10” wast, in zone cried Wastren Zone o the Eastren Muntains, which is characterisit bi sinuous muntains.

Guayabal de Síquima is bordered on the northeast bi the municipality o Villeta, on the wast bi the municipality o Bituima, on the north bi Albán an on the sooth bi Anolaima.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Guayabal de Síquima wis foondit in 1721 wi the assignation o the Father Luis Calvo Vasallo as pairish priest o the toun. He began the construction o 22 hooses o Bareque an 5 o mud waw steppit aroond the Principal Pairk.

In the year o 1739 Guayabal de Síquima wis dividit intae fower big zones Chiniata, namit in honour o auncient Indie leader or Cacique, El Trigo (the wheat), bein this region whaur this grain wis cultivatit for the first time; Resguardo, in memory o which the natives cried Muizane, meanin refuge or defence, an Manoa in memory o auncient "cacique" o the region.