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Location o the toun an municipality o Guatavita in Cundinamarca.

Guatavita is a municipality an toun o Colombie in the Guavio Province o the Cundinamarca depairtment. The saucrit an ceremonial Loch Guatavita, o the Pre-Columbie Muiscas fowk, is locatit nearbi athin the Sesquilé Municipality o Almeidas Province.

Guatavita wis rebuilt on heicher grund in the middle 60's due tae the construction o the Tominé Reservoir, which intentionally floodit the aurie o the toun.

Coordinates: 4°56′04″N 73°50′04″W / 4.93444°N 73.83444°W / 4.93444; -73.83444

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