Guavio Province

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The Guavio Province athin Cundinamarca.

The Guavio Province (Spaingie: Provincia del Guavio) is ane o the 15 provinces in Cundinamarca, Colombia. Guavio borders tae the wast wi the caipital destrict o Bogotá an the Central Savanna Province, tae the north wi the Almeidas Province, tae the east wi the Boyacá Depairtment an Medina Province an tae the sooth wi the Meta Depairtment an the Eastren Province. The Alberto Lleras Dam is locatit in this aurie an aw.

Guavio groups aicht municipalities; Gachalá, Gachetá, Gama, Guasca, Guatavita, Junín, La Calera, ane Ubalá

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