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Glesga Science Centre
Glasgow Science Centre and Tower.jpg
Glesga Science Centre an Glesga Touer, the maist muckle structur in Scotland
LocationGlesga, Scotland
Coordinates55°51′31″N 4°17′38″W / 55.858542°N 4.293803°W / 55.858542; -4.293803

Glasgow Science Centre (Inglis: Glasgow Science Centre) is a veestior attraction fund in the Clyde Waterfront Regeneration area on the sooth bank o the River Clyde in Glesga, Scotland. Queen Elizabeth II apppent the Gesga Science Centre on 5 Julie 2001. It's ane o Scotland's maist faur ben peyed-for veestior attractions.[1] It's a biggit fur tae be a science centre made oot o three main biggin: Science Mall, Glesga Touer an a IMAX cinema. It is a chairity unner Scots law.[2]

The Scots tourist buird, VisitScotland, gied Glesga Science Centre a five star ratin in the veesitor attraction category.[3]

Alang wi as its main pairt, the Glesga Science Centre rins the veesitor centre at Whitelee Wind Fairm an aw, that apppent tae the public in 2009.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

View o the Glasges Gairden Festival site

Appen tae the public in Juin 2001, Glesga Science Centre is pairt o the ongaun redevelopment o Pacific Quay, a area thit wis wance a guids port kent as Prince's Dock.[4][5][6] The redevelopment stairtit wi the Glesga Gairden Festival in 1988. Wi the ither Naitional Gairden Festivals, the 100 acre (0.40 km2) Glesga site wis made tae be selt aff fur biggin hooses, but due tae the 1987 faw in the hoose mercat, the developers cudnae big up the land as thay intendit, an the maist o the site bidit vyde fur years. Pairts o it wis hinderly redeveloppit fur the Science Centre an fur Pacific Quay, includin new heidquarters fur BBC Scotland an Scots Telly, appent in 2007. The Clydesdale Bank Touer wis dounraxt an uppit again in Rhyl in North Wales. Housomever, a new touer, the Glesga Touer stauns on thareaboot the same bit as pairt o the Science Centre steid.

The architects o the Glasgow Science Centre wis the Building Design Partnership. Housomever, the Glesga Touer wis oreiginally designed by the architect Richard Horden wi engineering design by Buro Happold.[7][8] It wis biggit at a cost o aboot £75 million, includin £10 million fur the Glesga Touer, wi ower £37 million comin frae the Millennium Commission.[9][10]

Science Mall[eedit | eedit soorce]

Glasgow Science Centre from the west

The maist muckle oot o the three main, titanium-clad biggins taks on a crescent shape structur an haes a Science Mall ben it. Inby, thare is three fluirs an ower 250 science-leairnin exhiebit. As it uisially is for science centres, the exhibits is tae encourage interaction, an can be uised or played wi as pairt o the casual lairnin experience the centre is wantin tae deleever. The biggin wis designed bi BDP.

On the 1st Fluir, alang wi the hale wheen o interactive exhiebits thit shaws scientific principles, veesitors can win intae a Science Show Theatre (Scots: Science Shaw Theatre) an the Glasgow Science Centre Planetarium (Scots: Glesga Science Centre Planetarium).[11][12] Ben the planetarium is a Zeiss optical-mechanical projector thit pits oot picturs o the nicht sky ontae a 15m diameter dome.[13][14] Thare is a area maistly ettelt at yung weans, cawed The Big Explorer.

On the 2nt Fluir, veesitors can explore opportunities in STEM careers in the My World of Work Live (Scots: Ma Warld o Wark Live) interactive exhibietion space. Thare is The Lab an aw, maistly uised like a eddicational warkshop space.

The 3rd Fluir wis replenisht in 2012 an reappent tae the public on 28t Mairch 2013. It nou haes a interactive exhibietion aboot human halth an weelbein in the 21st yearhunner, cawed BodyWorks (Scots: BodyWarks). veestiors is bidden tae think aboot their bodies, halth an lifestyle frae a new perspective throu 115 interactive exhibit, resairch capsules an live laboratory experiences.[15]

The Grund Fluir o the Science Mall haes a ticket desk, cafès, an a gift shop. Thare is flexible room spaces on the Grund Fluir thit is uised for a hale wheen o eddicational an corporate ettlins: an eddication bit cawed The Egg; a lectur-theatre bit cawed The Auditorium; an the Clyde Suite, a multi-purpose function space. Access tae Glesga Touer for the public is fund at the Grund Fluir an aw.

Glesga Touer[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Glesga Touer wis biggit tae be the hie-est free-rotatin touer in the warld. It missed its appenin date in 2001 an haed a hale wheen o problems fae syne. It haes been shut for ower 80% o its life,[citation needit] an wis shut frae August 2010[16] until July 2014.[17]

IMAX Cinema[eedit | eedit soorce]

The IMAX cinema wis the first IMAX cinema tae be biggit in Scotland. The single auditorium haes 370 seat afore a 80 feet (24 m) bi 60 feet (18 m) screen an can shaw 3D films as weel as staundart 2D films in IMAX format.[18] It appent tae the public in October 2000, an premiered the first film, cawed "Dolphins", twa three month afore tae the appenin o the twa ither biggin.[19] On 6 September 2013, Cineworld teuk over rinnin the cinema. On 12 Mey 2021, Cineworld confirmt thay arenae operatin the IMAX at the Glesga Science Centre ony mair an is ettlin tae gie ower the lease.[20]

Funding issues[eedit | eedit soorce]

In Juin 2004, it was annunced thit aboot a fift o the warkforce wis tae be made redundant follaein the creatin o a fundin deal wi the Scots Executive.[21] In Juin 2008, the leader o the Scots Leeberal Democrats, Nicol Stephen, statit that the Glesga Science Centre wis facin a 40% cut in govrenment fundin.[22] Prime Meenister Gordon Brown commentit on this issue durin Prime Meenister's Quaistens sayin, "It's misfortunate in Glesga that as a result o the SNP, fundin haes been cut, an thay will live tae rue that".[23] Awtho fundin for the Scots Science Centres as a hele haes actual gaun up, it is nou bein spleet etween four centre uisin a formula based on veesitor numbers, an Glesga is the ainly centre tae hiv a reduction in budget.[24] This led tae the annuncement in Julie 2008 thit 28 fou-time jobs wis tae be cut as a direct eftercast tae the cuts "for tae mak siccar Glesga Science Centre's futur", bi the Chief Executive, Kirk Ramsay's, wey o't.[25]

In the media[eedit | eedit soorce]

Glesga Science Centre is fund in the Pacific Quay area, and as a resolt o that, is surroondit bi the media centres that form the Digital Media Quarter, a Scots Enterprise development initiative,[26] Wi the appenin o the new STV heidquarters in Juin 2006 an the stairt o broadcast programmin frae BBC Pacific Quay in the summer o 2004, it can be expectit thit mair programmin will be filmed in the area.

In the CBeebies telly programme Nina and the Neurons, the title character Nina is a neuroscientist thit wirks at Glesga Science Centre.[27][28] In reality, Nina is played bi the actress Katrina Bryan thit isnae a staff memmer at Glesga Science Centre

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