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BBC Scotland (Gaelic: BBC Alba) is a constituent pairt o the British Broadcasting Corporation, the publicly-fundit broadcaster o the Unitit Kinrick. It is, in effect, the naitional broadcaster for Scotland, haein a considerable amoont o autonomy frae the BBC's Lunnon heidquarters, an is run bi the BBC Trust, who are advised in Scotland bi the Audience Council Scotland. Its Scots headquarters an studios are at BBC Pacific Quay on the sooth bank o the River Clyde, beside the STV heidquarters an the Glasgow Science Centre.

BBC Scotland an aa haes offices includin a newsroom, lairge television studio, an radio studios near tae the Scots Pairlament in Edinburgh, plus an office inside the Pairlament building itsel. There are an' a' broadcastin centres in Aiberdeen, Dundee, Innerness an Dumfries. The BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra wis resident at BBC Scotland's Queen Margaret Drive base till 2006, when it moved tae new premises in the ceety centre. The orchestra performs regularly throughoot Scotland an aroond the warld.[1]

BBC Scotland's main rival is STV (umshile Scottish Television an Grampian Television), which, despite the name, does no in fact broadcast throughoot the kintra. STV's transmissions are confined tae the main population centres o central an northern Scotland, while ITV1 (Border) covers the south.

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