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Foondit1969 (as the Scottish Tourist Board)
Nummer o employees
525 (2019)[1]

VisitScotland, umwhile the Scottish Tourist Board (Scots: Scots Tourist Buird), is a national tourism organisation in Scotland. It is an executive nane-depairtmental public body o the Scots Govrenment, wi offices in Edinburgh, Glesga, Innerness an ither pairts o Scotland.[2]

The organisation's tasks include attractin visitors tae Scotland throu advertisin an heezin up campaigns. VisitScotland manages a nummer o quality ratin schemes fur tourist accommodation an attractions an aw.[3] The organisation rins the wabsteid, giein beukins an information services fur visitors tae Scotland. Frae 2001 the wabsteid wis rin as a public-private partnership venture,[4] tho the venture an wabsteid wur brocht back intae public awnership in 2008.[4][5]

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