Georgy Zhukov

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Georgy Zhukov
RIAN archive 2410 Marshal Zhukov speaking.jpg
Zhukov speakin in Moscow, Soviet Union in 1941.
Meenister o Defence
In office
9 Februar 1955 – 26 October 1957
Premier Nikolai Bulganin
Precedit bi Nikolai Bulganin
Succeedit bi Rodion Malinovsky
Full member o the Politburo
In office
29 Juin – 29 October 1957
Candidate member o the Politburo
In office
27 Februar 1956 – 29 Juin 1957
Personal details
Born Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov
Гео́ргий Константи́нович Жу́ков

1 December 1896(1896-12-01)
Strelkovka, Roushie Empire
Dee'd 18 Juin 1974(1974-06-18) (aged 77)
Moscow, Roushie SFSR, Soviet Union
Naitionality Soviet
Poleetical pairty Communist Pairty o the Soviet Union
Spoose(s) Alexandra Dievna Zuikova (1920–1953)
Galina Alexandrovna Semyonova (1965–1973)

Era Zhukova (born 1928)
Margarita Zhukova (1929–2011)
Ella Zhukova (1937–2010)

Maria Zhukova (born 1957)
Profession Sodger
Religion Roushie Orthodox
Awairds Hero o the Soviet Union — 1939 Hero o the Soviet Union — 1944 Hero o the Soviet Union — 1945 Hero o the Soviet Union — 1956
Militar service
Allegiance  Russian Empire
 Soviet Union
Service/branch Roushie Imperial Airmy
Soviet Airmy
Years o service 1915–1957
Rank Marshal o the Soviet Union
Commands Kiev Militar Destrict
Chief o the General Staff
Wastren Front
1st Beloroushie Front
Odessa Militar Destrict
Battles/wars Warld War I
Roushie Ceevil War
Soviet–Japanese Border War (Battles o Khalkhin Gol)
Soviet occupation o Bessarabie an Northren Bukovina
Great Patriotic War

Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov (Roushie: Гео́ргий Константи́нович Жу́ков; 1 December [A.S. 19 November] 1896 – 18 Juin 1974), wis a Soviet career officer in the Reid Airmy who, in the course o Warld War II, played a role in leadin the Reid Airmy drive throu much o Eastren Europe tae liberate the Soviet Union an ither naitions frae the occupation o the Axis Powers an, ultimately, tae conquer Berlin. He is the maist decoratit general officer in the history o the Soviet Union an Roushie.