Roushie Soviet Federative Socialist Republic

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Roushie Soviet Federative Socialist Republic
Российская Советская Федеративная Социалистическая Республика

Banner Coat o airms
Worker's Marseillaise (1917–1918)
The Internationale (1918–1944)
National Anthem of the Soviet Union (1944–1991)
Patrioticheskaya Pesnya (1990–1991)a
Extent o the Roushie SFSR athin the Soviet Union
follaein Warld War II (1954).
Caipital Petrograd (1917–1918)
Moscow (Mairch 1918 – 1991)[1]
Leids Roushieb
Government Federal Soviet republic
Heid o state
 -  1917 (first) Lev Kamenevc
 -  1990-1991 (last) Boris Yeltsind
Heid o govrenment
 -  1917-1924 (first) Vladimir Lenine
 -  1990-1991 Ivan Silayevf
 -  1991 (last) Boris Yeltsing
Legislatur VTsIK / Aw-Roushie Congress (1917–38)
Supreme Soviet (RSFSR) (1938–90)
Supreme Soviet (RSFSR) / Congress
o Fowk Deputies
Historical era 20t century
 -  Bolshevik revolution 7 November 1917
 -  Established 9 November 1917
 -  Renamit[2] into Roushie Federation 25 Dizember 1991
a. Remained the national anthem o Roushie till 2000.
b. Offeecial leid in the courts frae 1937.[3]
c. As Chairman of the VTsIK (All-Russian Central Executive Committee).
d. As Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR, from 29 May 1990 to 10 July 1991, then as President of Russia.
e. As Chairman o the Cooncil of People's Commissars of the Russian SFSR
f. As Chairmen o the Cooncil of Ministers — Government of the Russian SFSR
g. Served as acting head of government while President of Russia
Hero of the USSR Seven Hero City awards
The Russian Democratic Federative Republic existed breifly on January 19, 1918, but actual sovereignty was still in the hands of the Soviets even after the Russian Constituent Assembly opened its first and last session.[4]

The Roushie Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (Roushie: Российская Советская Федеративная Социалистическая Республика[5]), commonly referred tae as Soviet Roushie, the Roushie Federation, or simply Roushie,[2][6] wis the lairgest, maist populous an economically developit republic in the umwhile Soviet Union.[7] The Republic comprised saxteen autonomous republics, five autonomous oblasts, ten autonomous okrugs, sax krais an fowerty oblasts.[7] Roushies formit the lairgest ethnic group.

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