Roushie Soviet Federative Socialist Republic

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Roushie Soviet Federative Socialist Republic
Российская Советская Федеративная Социалистическая Республика

Banner Coat o airms
Worker's Marseillaise (1917–1918)
The Internationale (1918–1944)
National Anthem of the Soviet Union (1944–1991)
Patrioticheskaya Pesnya (1990–1991)a
Extent o the Roushie SFSR athin the Soviet Union
follaein Warld War II (1954).
Caipital Petrograd (1917–1918)
Moscow (Mairch 1918 – 1991)[1]
Leids Roushieb
Government Federal Soviet republic
Heid o state
 -  1917 (first) Lev Kamenevc
 -  1990-1991 (last) Boris Yeltsind
Heid o govrenment
 -  1917-1924 (first) Vladimir Lenine
 -  1990-1991 Ivan Silayevf
 -  1991 (last) Boris Yeltsing
Legislatur VTsIK / Aw-Roushie Congress (1917–38)
Supreme Soviet (RSFSR) (1938–90)
Supreme Soviet (RSFSR) / Congress
o Fowk Deputies
Historical era 20t century
 -  Bolshevik revolution 7 November 1917
 -  Established 9 November 1917
 -  Renamit[2] into Roushie Federation 25 Dizember 1991
a. Remeened the naitional anthem o Roushie till 2000.
b. Offeecial leid in the courts frae 1937.[3]
c. As Chairman o the VTsIK (Aw-Roushie Central Executive Committee).
d. As Chairman o the Presidium o the Supreme Soviet o the RSFSR, frae 29 Mey 1990 tae 10 Julue 1991, then as Preses o Roushie.
e. As Chairman o the Cooncil o Fowk's Commissars o the Roushie SFSR
f. As Chairmen o the Cooncil o Meenisters — Govrenment o the Roushie SFSR
g. Served as actin head of government while Preses o Roushie
Hero o the USSR Seiven Hero Ceety awairds
The Roushie Democratic Federative Republic exeestit breifly on January 19, 1918, but actual sovereignty wis still in the haunds o the Soviets even efter the Roushie Constituent Assembly opened its first an last session.[4]

The Roushie Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (Roushie: Российская Советская Федеративная Социалистическая Республика[5]), commonly referred tae as Soviet Roushie, the Roushie Federation, or semply Roushie,[2][6] wis the lairgest, maist populous an economically developit republic in the umwhile Soviet Union.[7] The Republic comprised saxteen autonomous republics, five autonomous oblasts, ten autonomous okrugs, sax krais an fowerty oblasts.[7] Roushies formit the lairgest ethnic group.

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