Hero o the Soviet Union

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Hero of the Soviet Union
Awarded by the  Soviet Union
TypeHonorary title
EligibilitySoviet an foreign ceetizens
Awairdit forheroic feats in service tae the Soviet state an society
StatusNo langer awairdit
EstablishedAprile 16, 1934
First awairditAprile 20, 1934
Last awairditDecember 24, 1991
Tot awairdit12,775
Next (heicher)none
Next (lawer)Order o Lenin
RelatitHero o the Roushie Federation

The title Hero o the Soviet Union (Roushie: Герой Советского Союза) wis the heichest distinction in the Soviet Union, awairdit personally or collectively for heroic feats in service tae the Soviet state an society.[1]

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