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Top left: Palace des Nations, Middle left: CERN Laboratory, Richt: Jet d'Eau, Bottom: View ower Geneva an the lake.
Top left: Palace des Nations, Middle left: CERN Laboratory, Richt: Jet d'Eau, Bottom: View ower Geneva an the lake.
Coat o airms o Geneva
Coat o airms
Geneva is locatit in Switzerland
Location of Geneva
Karte Gemeinde Genève 2007.png
Geneva is locatit in Canton o Geneva
Geneva (Canton o Geneva)
Coordinates: 46°12′N 6°09′E / 46.200°N 6.150°E / 46.200; 6.150Coordinates: 46°12′N 6°09′E / 46.200°N 6.150°E / 46.200; 6.150
Kintra Swisserland
Canton Geneva
Destrict N/A
 • Mayor Maire (list)
Pierre Maudet FDP/PRD/PLR
(as of 2011)
 • Total 15.93 km2 (6.15 sq mi)
Elevation 375 m (1,230 ft)
Population (Diz 2015[2])
 • Tot 198,072
 • Density 12,000/km2 (32,000/sq mi)
Demonym(s) Genevois
Postal code 1200
SFOS nummer 6621
Surroondit bi Carouge, Chêne-Bougeries, Cologny, Lancy, Grand-Saconnex, Pregny-Chambésy, Vernier, Veyrier
SFSO stateestics

Geneva (Arpitan: Genèva, IPA: [ˈd͡zənɛva]; French: Genève, IPA: [ʒənɛv]; German: Genf, IPA: [ˈɡɛnf] ( listen); Italian: Ginevra; Romansh: Genevra) is the seicont-maist-populous ceety in Swisserland (efter Zurich) an is the maist populous ceety o Romandie (the French-speakin pairt o Swisserland). Situatit whaur the Rhône River exits Lake Geneva (in French an aa kent as Lac Léman), it is the caipital o the Republic an Canton o Geneva. While the municipality itsel (ceety centre ville de Genève) haes a population o 191,415 (2010), the canton o Geneva (République et Canton de Genève, which includes the ceety) haes 457,628 residents (2009).[3] The agglomeration haes 1,240,000[4] residents but the Greater Geneva agglomeration (Geneva-Bern aurie) haes got 2,800,000[5] residents.

Geneva is a global ceety, a financial centre, an a warldwide centre for diplomacy an the maist important internaitional co-operation centre wi New York acause o the presence o numerous internaitional organisations, includin the heidquarters o mony o the agencies o the Unitit Naitions[6] an the Reid Cross.[7] It is an aa the place whaur the Geneva Conventions wur signed, which chiefly concern the treatment o wartime non-combatants an preesoners o war.

Geneva haes been describit as the third European financial centre efter Lunnon an Zurich,[8] an the warld's aicht maist important financial centre bi the Global Financial Centres Index, aheid o Frankfurt an Sydney,[9] an a 2009 survey bi Mercer foond Geneva tae hae the third-heichest quality o life o ony ceety in the warld (narrowly ootranked bi Zurich).[10] The ceety haes been referred tae as the warld's maist compact metropolis an the "Peace Caipital".[11] In 2009, Geneva wis ranked as the fowert maist expensive ceety in the warld.[12]

Etymology[eedit | eedit soorce]

The name Geneva is probably o Celtic oreegin. The ceety wis mentioned in Laitin texts wi the spellin Genava. The name takes various forms in modren leids. Thus, it is Geneva in Inglis an pronounced /dʒɨˈniːvə/ (deprecatit template), French: Genève [ʒənɛv], German: Genf [ˈɡɛnf] ( listen), Italian: Ginevra [dʒiˈneːvra], an Romansh: Genevra. Anither theory is that Geneva is derived frae "Genévrier" which is the French wird for "juniper".

Thare is occasionally confusion atween this ceety an the Italian port o Genoa (in Italian Genova) as thay seem tae share a Celtic root, genu / genawa, meanin "estuary."

Admeenistrative diveesions[eedit | eedit soorce]

The ceety is dividit intae aicht quartiers, or destricts, whiles componed o several neighborhuids. On the Left Bank are (1) Jonction, (2) Centre. Plainpalais, an Acacias, (3) Eaux-Vives, an (4) Champel, while the Right Bank includes (1) Saint-Jean an Charmilles, (2) Servette an Petit-Saconnex, (3) Grottes an Saint-Gervais, an (4) Paquis an Nations.[13]

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