Galicie fowk

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Tot population
c. 3.2 million[1]
Regions wi signeeficant populations
          Province o A Coruña991,588[2][3]
          Province o Lugo300,419[2][3]
          Province o Ourense272,401[2][3]
          Province o Pontevedra833,205[2][3]
          Total in Galicie2,397,613[2][3]
 Spain (rest o the kintra)355,063[2][3]
 United States14,172[4]
 Unitit Kinrick10,755[4]
Galicians inscribed in the electoral census and living abroad (2013/09)414,650[4]
Galicie, Castilian Spaingie
Roman Catholicism, Evangelicalism, Atheism
Relatit ethnic groups
Asturians ither Spaniards an Portuguese fowk

The Galicies (Galician: Galegos; Spaingie: Gallegos) are a naitional, cultural an ethnolinguistic group whose historic hameland is Galicie, in the north-wast o the Iberie Peninsula.[5] Twa Romance leids are widely spoken an offeecial in Galicie: the native Galicie, an Castilian.[6]

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