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David Guetta
Background information
Birth namePierre David Guetta[1]
Forby kent asJack Back
Born (1967-11-07) 7 November 1967 (age 56)
Paris, Fraunce
Years active1994–present
Associate acts

Pierre David Guetta (/ˈɡɛtə/ GHET, French: [pjɛʁ david ɡeta]; born 7 November 1967), commonly kent as David Guetta, is a French house muisic producer an disc jockey (DJ).[1] Oreeginally a DJ at nichtclubs durin the 1980s an 1990s, he co-foondit Gum Productions an released his first album, Just a Little More Love, in 2002. Later, he released Guetta Blaster (2004) an Pop Life (2007).

Guetta achievit mainstream success wi his 2009 album One Love which includit the hit singles "When Love Takes Over", "Gettin' Over You", "Sexy Bitch", aw three o which reached #1 in the UK, an "Memories". The 2011 follaeup album, Nothing but the Beat, continued this success, conteenin the hit singles "Where Them Girls At", "Little Bad Girl", "Without You", "Titanium" an "Turn Me On".

David Guetta haes sauld ower sax million albums an 15 million singles warldwide.[2] In 2011 Guetta wis voted as the #1 DJ in the 'DJ Mag Tap 100 DJs' fan poll.[3]

Biografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

In the mid-1990s, Guetta played in clubs includin Le Centrale, the Rex, Le Boy, an Folies.[4][5] Released in 1994[6] Guetta's seicont single, a collaboration with American hoose vocalist Robert Owens titled "Up & Away", wis a minor club hit.[7] In 1994, David Guetta became the manager o Le Palace nichtclub an he continued tae organise pairties thare an in ither clubs, sic as the "Scream" pairties in Les Bains Douches.[8]

2001–2006: Just a Little More Love an Guetta Blaster[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 2001, David Guetta alang wi Joachim Garraud foondit Gum Productions, an in the same year Guetta's first hit single, "Just A Little More Love", featurin American sangster Chris Willis wis released. Willis wis vacationin in Fraunce when he met Guetta.[7] Guetta's debut album Just A Little More Love wis released in 2002 on Virgin Records an sold over 300,000 copies. The follae-up singles, ("Love Don't Let Me Go", "People Come People Go" an "Give Me Something"), wur released in 2002. Guetta released a compilation, Fuck Me I'm Famous, in 2003, namit efter his pairty in Ibiza. It includit "Just for One Day (Heroes)", a remix o David Bowie's song "Heroes".[7] Later in his career, Guetta continued recordin compilations unner that title.

Guetta's seicont album, Guetta Blaster, wis released in 2004. It released fower singles: "Money" an "Stay" featurin Chris Willis an "The World Is Mine" an "In Love With Myself" featurin JD Davis. In 2006 the Just a Little More Love single "Love Don't Let Me Go" wis re-released as a mash-up wi the Tocadisco remix o "Walking Away" bi The Egg. The mash-up single entitled "Love Don't Let Me Go (Walking Away)" wis chairtit heicher than the oreeginal release o the sang.

2007–09: Pop Life[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 2007, Guetta's third album Pop Life wis released. The album wis successfu in the UK an Ireland as well as in mainland Europe. Accordin tae EMI in 2010, the album haes sauld a tot o 530,000 copies warldwide. The lead single "Love Is Gone" reached Nummer 1 on the American Dance Chart an chairtit on the Billboard Hot 100.

"Delirious" featurt the vocals o Tara McDonald who co wrote the record an aw. The sang wis released as the album's fowert single on 31 Januar 2008. The sang chairtit #27 Austrian singles chairt, #17 Belgian (Flanders) chairt, #2 Belgian (Wallonie) singles chairt. #12 Dutch singles chairt, #16 French singles chart, #16 Swiss singles chairt, #36 Hungary singles chairt, #29 Romanie singles chairt, #51 Swadish singles chairt. The remixes o the sang, includin mixes bi Fred Rister, Marc Mysterio, Laidback Luke, an Arno Cost an Norman Doray wur released. A video clip for the sang wis filmit bi Denys Thibaut in Montreal, featurin David Guetta an Tara McDonald, picturin an executive assistant throwin paint aw ower her boss's office. Tara McDonald wis the iver vocalist that David Guetta iver featurt in the video clip. Tara McDonald sang "You're Not Alone" frae this album an aw.

He played in mony kintras aroond the warld tae promote the album. He played in Mauritius in Januar 2008, accompaniet bi French rapper JoeyStarr. In the same year, he an his wife Cathy planned a new event which teuk place in the Stade de France on 5 Julie 2008 an aw. The event wis cried "UNIGHTED", he performit wi Tiësto, Carl Cox, Joachim Garraud an Martin Solveig in front o a croud o 40,000.[9]

In 2009, he wis placit third in the "Top 100 DJs" poll bi DJ Magazine,[10] an wis electit "Best House DJ" bi DJ Awards in 2008. Syne Apryle 2009, Guetta haed his awn radio show on the internet radio station RauteMusik on Seturday fore-nicht. The show wis efterwards muivit intae Radio 538, bein aired ivery Friday foreinicht efter Tiësto's Club Life. Its name is DJ Mix. Guetta performs a ane-hoor set o hoose muisic, presentin mainly new talents inside.

2009–2010: One Love an internaitional breakthrou[eedit | eedit soorce]

David Guetta's fowert studio album, One Love, wis released in August 2009. Its first single "When Love Takes Over", which featurt Kelly Rowland, peakit at #1 on the UK Singles Chart and topped mony ither kintras warldwide. His seicont single frae the album, "Sexy Bitch" featurin Akon, became his seicont #1 in the UK. "One Love" featurin Estelle, "Memories" featurin Kid Cudi, "Revolver" featurin Madonna an Lil Wayne, and "Gettin' Over You" featurin Chris Willis, Fergie an LMFAO follaeed. As o Mey 2011 the album haed sauld three million copies warldwide.[11] Guetta's fowert studio album One Love wis nominatit as "Best Electronic/Dance Album" at the 52nd Grammy Awards.[12] His sang "When Love Takes Over" featurin American R&B sangster Kelly Rowland receivit twa nominations; Best Dance Recording an Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical, an wan the latter. Efter conflicts ower whether or no a album re-issue shoud go aheid, One More Love wis released on 29 November 2010. First single, titled "Who's That Chick?" featurin Rihanna wis released a few weeks prior.[13]

On 16 Juin 2009, The Black Eyed Peas released the David Guetta-producit "I Gotta Feeling" as thair seicont single frae thair fift studio album, The E.N.D.. It became a warldwide hit toppin the chairts in seiventeen kintras. It became the maist dounloadit sang o aw-time in the Unitit States wi amaist 7.5 million dounloads an in the Unitit Kinrick sellin mair nor 1 million copies.[14][15] He wis nominatit twice for his wirk wi The Black Eyed Peas at the 52nd Grammy Awards; in the category Record o the Year for "en:I Gotta Feeling" an Album o the Year for thair album The E.N.D.. In 2010, David Guetta co-wrote an producit Kelly Rowland's "Commander" frae her third album Here I Am. It peakit at nummer ane on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Songs chairt in the Unitit States, an reached tap ten poseetions in Belgium an the Unitit Kinrick. Guetta haes co-producit "Forever and a Day", which wis Kelly's next UK single frae that album.[16][17] Guetta producit the singles "Acapella" an "Scream" for American sangster-sangwriter Kelis's fift studio album, Flesh Tone an aw, released on 14 Mey 2010. "Acapella" wis released as the lead single on 23 Februar 2010 an toppit the dance chairts in the Unitit Kinrick an Unitit States. On 28 Juin 2010 American rapper Flo Rida released the single "Club Can't Handle Me" featurin David Guetta. The sang is includit on the soundtrack album tae the American 3D dance film Step Up 3D.

2011–13: Nothing but the Beat & Jack Back Records[eedit | eedit soorce]

Guetta's fift studio album, Nothing But The Beat wis released on 30 August 2011.[18] It wis released as a dooble-disc album; ane disc bein vocal an the ither bein electronic.[19] Guetta wis inspired bi rock baunds sic as Kings of Leon an Coldplay tae add rock influences tae his dance productions.[20] "Where Them Girls At" featurin Flo Rida an Nicki Minaj, the first single aff the album, wis released warldwide on 2 Mey 2011.[21][22] "Little Bad Girl", wi Taio Cruz an Ludacris, wis released as the seicont single on 28 Juin 2011.[19][23] The third single, "Without You" wi Usher, wis released on 27 September 2011. David haes released fower promotional singles for Nothing But the Beat which war "Titanium" wi Sia an aw, "Lunar" wi Afrojack, "Night of Your Life" wi Jennifer Hudson an The Alphabeat (song). The album featurs the hit singles "Sweat" wi Snoop Dogg an "Turn Me On" wi Nicki Minaj an aw.

An aw last year, Guetta teamit up wi Afrojack an Tara McDonald again tae release "Pandemonium" on his FMIF Ibiza Mix 2011 compilation throu EMI records. [24][25]

Guetta performit alangside Nicky Romero an Nervo at Lunnon's Alexandra Palace on 1 Juin 2012 an aw.[26]

A re-release o Nothing but the Beat, titled Nothing but the Beat 2.0, wis released on 7 September 2012. The first single frae the album, "She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)", which saw Guetta collaborate wi Sia yet again, wis released in support o the album. The next single aff Nothing But The Beat 2.0 haes been confirmed bi Guetta as "Just One Last Time" which features vocals frae Swadish duo Taped Rai. In 2012, Guetta made an album namit Nothing But The Beat: Ultimate an aw, which combined the twa albums Nothing But The Beat an Nothing But The Beat 2.0 thegither. In Simmer 2012 David Guetta played in Finland in Weekend Festival an he wis the festival's heidliner for year 2013 an aw.[27] The third single frae Nothing but the Beat 2.0 is "Play Hard"

Nothing But the Beat[28] is a featur-lenth biographical documentar aboot David Guetta an his rise tae fame an aw, featurin mony o his collaborators, includin Kelly Rowland, will.i.am an Snoop Dogg. It wis made in collaboration wi the energy drink, burn, wi whom Guetta became a buist ambassador frae 2011. Thegither wi burn, Guetta providit support an mentorin for the burn-sponsored "burn studios residency" program an aw[29] for up-an-comin DJs.

He wrote, producit, an featurt on Rihanna's seivent studio album, Unapologetic, an acts as the support act for the European leg o her ongoin Diamonds World Tour.

Guetta haes creatit a new record label kent as Jack Back Records (namit efter whom he haes collaboratit wi in the sang "Wild One Two"), whaur he intends tae focus anerly on electronic releases.[30] The first release o this new label is his collaboration wi Nicky Romero, "Metropolis", which is a track frae Nothing but the Beat 2.0.[31] Aw releases can be foond on Beatport.[32] Whilst on tour wi Rihanna, he debuted his new track at Twickenham Stadium on 15 Juin 2013. David Guetta statit "Twickenham, I hope you like this new track, it's brand new and you're the first people in the world to hear it." The single, cried "Ain't a Party", an it wis released on 8 Julie 2013.[33] It is a collaboration atween GLOWINTHEDARK an Harrison. Guetta released the airtwirk for his new single on his Instagram profile on 19 Juin 2013.

On 26 September 2013, Guetta unveiled the muisic video for new track "One Voice" featurin indie sangster Mikky Ekko. It wis released on 4 November as pairt o the UN's humanitarian campaign cried The World Needs More.[34]

On Lady Gaga's new album ARTPOP, he wrote an producit the sang "Fashion!"

He haed sangwritin an production contreibutions tae Britney Spears' aicht studio album Britney Jean an aw.

Personal life[eedit | eedit soorce]

Guetta an his wife Cathy in Januar 2012 at the NRJ Music Awards ceremony.

His faither wis a restaurateur o Moroccan Jewish strynd,[35] an his mither is o Belgian strynd.[36][37][38] He is marriet tae socialite an nicht club manager Cathy Guetta syne 1992; thay celebratit thair 20t weddin anniversary in 2010[39] an thay hae twa childer, Tim Elvis Eric (born 9 Februar 2004) an Angie Guetta (born 23 September 2007).[40]

Discografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Studio albums

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References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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